Miniguide to design an SEO strategy

SEO strategy

Defining an SEO strategy will allow you to reach the first places in the search engine and retain your audience. Do you want to know how to do it? Learn with thismini guide to design an SEO strategyfrom scratch.

1. Identify your buyer person

The representation of your ideal client is what we know asa buyer person. To identify it, it is important to analyze its main characteristics:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Occupation
  • Interests
  • Needs
  • And everything you consider necessary to create an ideal client profile

Once we define who we are going to direct our actions to, it is easier to make decisions on the SEO strategy to use, in order to meet their needs.

2. Identification of keywords

The key is knowing how to choose the “longtail keyword”. Many companies overlook those with low search volume, not knowing the potential they have in targeting the buyer persona. One of the characteristics of these keywords is that they usually indicate purchase intention and therefore, although they have less search volume, they are usually more effective.

They can refer to more specific searches of the buyer person and if we manage to attack them with a good SEO strategy, we can obtain a higher positioning of our website or online store.

3. Discover market niches

It is important to define the market niche to which your online business will be dedicated. There are sectors with a lot of competition and others with little. However, thanks to SEO, it is possible to enter any market and gain presence in the web environment.

4. Analyze the competition

In SEO positioning there are always sites competing for the same keyword, that is why we cannot venture into the web without knowing how to attack that keyword that we are trying to position.

There are tools that facilitate the task of analysis, such as Semrush, Metricspot, Seigoo, where we can obtain relevant information about what the competition is doing.

5. Post valuable content

The content to be published must be able to satisfy the requirements of the buyer person. The ideal is to opt for quality content that allows you to satisfy your search needs; As long as these two conditions are met, user loyalty will be guaranteed.

Now, in terms of the length of the content, some believe that content with 1,000 words or more can rank better. However, it is not entirely true; the most important thing is to be able to respond adequately to the search carried out.

6. Remove broken links

If a visitor comes across a broken link, they will not hesitate to leave the website. Therefore, we recommend evaluating if they exist and if so, redirecting them to other pages that are active.

When visitors quickly jump in and out of a page, it means they’re not getting a good experience, which could be frowned upon by Google.

7. Bet on interlinking

Making the content of the website known is important, and thanks to interlinking it is easy to achieve it. Link those posts that are related and allow users to continue to feed on your content.

8. Diseño web responsive

The high demand for mobile searches makes it necessary for your website design to be responsive. In addition to being mandatory since 2015. Yes, Google can penalize pages that do not have this type of design.

9. Load speed

It is another element to evaluate in the SEO strategy. The user experience can be affected if the website does not load quickly. With Google Speed ​​Insights it is possible to see the loading speed of your page and get tips to improve it.

10. Measure the SEO strategy

It is useless to implement an SEO strategy, if its results are not measured. With Google Search Console you can evaluate the errors that your site has when it is read by the search engine. And with Google Analytics, we can measure marketing metrics and online traffic.

Don’t waste any more time and design your SEO strategy, taking into account the elements of this mini-guide.

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