5 Must-Have Elements For Modern Elementary Classrooms

Modern Elementary Classrooms

Want To Create A Modern Classroom?

If your elementary school is catering to 21st-century students, would it be fair to put them in a classroom that looks like it belongs to the 20th century? Unfortunately, many classrooms across the nation remain unchanged with the same rows of desks, a teacher’s table, and dreary blackboards.

It’s time to usher in some fresh, new ideas to organise your modern, elementary classroom and create an exciting atmosphere for your students. That said, organising a modern classroom isn’t as easy as stringing up colourful papers or replacing the old furniture with new ones.

We list some key elements to create a modern classroom with a conducive educational environment.

Prime Elements Of A Modern Classroom Design

1.The classroom layout

Rows after rows of desks are not for the 21st-century elementary student. The innovative layout is the prime identity of the modern classroom, which is divided into several “zones”. Zones? Inside a classroom? Yes. They are:

  • Teacher zone- Your own professional space to plan, prepare, analyse, grade papers, and complete reports.
  • Subject area zone- To house subject-related material, games, tools, display charts, etc.
  • Quiet zone- A private little corner for those students who take a test, read, or study alone without any distractions.
  • Supplies zone- A shelf or cabinet to store classroom stationery, fresh notes, writing paper, etc.
  • News zone- A designated section to share school-related information, holidays, homework, assignment deadlines, upcoming celebrations, and learning targets.
  • Discovery zone- The prime space where children attend class, list observations, and jot down points.

2.The classroom furniture

Schools in Chennai like Babaji Vidhayashram and other institutions opt for flexible furniture and arrangement to traditional ones. Classroom furniture is no longer confined to desks and chairs. Your modern elementary classroom requires:

  • Ergonomic and durable chairs
  • Adaptable desks
  • Cabinets for storage
  • Display shelves
  • Pin-up boards
  • Whiteboards or smartboards
  • Dividers to create workstations

3.The tech space

The 21st classroom without space for technology? No way! Even at the elementary level, your students need a dedicated space to use their digital devices. Make this a top priority while designing your modern classroom. If possible, organise space for secure storage when the devices aren’t being used. And do not forget to provide ample electrical outlets for charging the devices. You will also need a good Wi-fi connection that’s password protected.

4.The visual element

Your classroom’s appearance creates the first impression in the minds of parents and children. So, use it as a painting canvas to incorporate bright colours and catchy visuals. Many IGCSE schools in ChennailikeInternational Village School, have created visually appealing classrooms decorated with charming colours.

Ventilation is also a prime aspect. Provide large windows to ensure ample cross ventilation. Consider ample lighting even if there’s enough natural light pouring into the classroom.

5.The space for movement

People often forget the need for space to facilitate easy movement in the excitement of incorporating other elements. Your students need ample space to move around the classroom without tripping over furniture or bumping into each other. Here’s how you can optimise your classroom space in a sensible way:

  • Choose furniture that aligns with the space and the student’s age group.
  • Use various types of furniture to allow a range of movement
  • Create storage space for school bags and lunch boxes
  • Assign separate shelves for notebooks, art paraphernalia, etc.
  • Use carpet squares to demarcate reading corners
  • Use standing desks for writing corners.

To Conclude

Creating a modern-day elementary classroom requires a bit of “out-of-the-box” thinking, creativity, and innovation. If you have a passion for delivering quality education in a high-quality environment, you can do it. When the transformation is complete, your classroom will be the cynosure of all eyes.

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