Online Marketing for SMEs – Marketing Tips for Small and Medium Businesses

Online Marketing for SMEs - Marketing Tips for Small and Medium Businesses

Online Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners in 2024

Uuups, what went wrong here? Obviously a lot. The University of Applied Sciences Offenburg has published a study on online marketing in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and has found some mistakes. Knowledge and experience gaps in companies lead to pent-up demand in terms of online marketing measures and social media use. And the privacy and search engine optimization leave a lot to be desired. We can do better! With our online marketing tips for small and medium businesses, you’ll be up to date on social media and get valuable tips for your online marketing.

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It’s not that hard! Online marketing and the use of social media appear to most companies as an impossible task. Small and medium-sized companies, in particular, are having a hard time with online marketing because they simply do not have the necessary know-how. It is like every discipline: practice makes perfect! Who does not hurry, the chances of online marketing flute and you slip past the benefits of social media usage? Right now this will finally end up here! We have summarized the results of the online marketing survey for SMEs and give you tips on how to achieve the perfect online marketing including a successful social media marketing strategy.

Online Marketing for SMEs # 1 Tip: Search Engine Optimization and Adaptation to Mobile Devices

We preach it over and over again because it is one of the most important points in the Online Marketing Bible: Search Engine Optimization! No matter how high quality and content your content is, if you do not reach your target audience with it, you’ll start from scratch again. Search engine optimization ensures that you get as high up as possible on Google’s ranking list. Because even Google is just an algorithm that you can use for yourself.

Nobody looks at search results on page 20, right? Interestingly, 72 percent of the surveyed companies are confident that their website is search engine optimized. And more than half of the companies are still confident about adapting to mobile devices. Unfortunately, the reality is very different. The online marketing study for SMEs has found that only 1.6 percent of corporate websites actually have waterproof SEO and are optimized for mobile devices.

A crushing number! Where is the problem? Many companies forget that Google’s search algorithm also sorts and classifies web pages by loading speed, response time, and data volume.

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Just when a user calls a website with their mobile phone, these are important parameters. Because today’s Internet users are impatient and expect that a website builds quickly and the design adapts to their mobile device. Our tip: Google’s PageSpeed Insights free online tool helps analyze the most important parameters and gives suggestions on how to improve them. Very easy and without a technician. Have fun analyzing and optimizing! Incidentally, only about half of the companies even analyze their website.

We would like to point this out very urgently because the first way to recovery is the insight. If you need an honest assessment and do not want to do it yourself, there is always the possibility to get in from outside, for example, a social media agency. If this works professionally, you will also receive measures for improvement.

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Online Marketing for SMEs # 2 Tip: Achieve the Right Audience with Social Media Advertising and Targeting

Four of the five companies completely do without social media. We as advocates of social media and online marketing get gray hair in this fact and see the urgent need to catch up here! Because social media creates a closeness to your customers, which can not replace advertising material. It is important that you analyze your target audience and find out what social platforms they are on to pick them up. Also, you should get an idea of what content is relevant and useful to your audience.

Exactly that is the main difference to the advertising: Your messages in the social media area should offer your users an added value – quite the contrary to the commercials on television, interrupting only the favorite show and usually used as a pause or pause chip refill interruption become. Most companies said that they are more familiar with newsletters and email commerce and often use these online marketing measures. This is not bad in principle. However, one should be prepared that these measures require a lot of effort if they contain high-quality content and should really reach your customers.

Social media does not deviate so much from it but has the advantage that it mixes about in the Facebook Newsfeed your customers, while newsletters first require that you have contact information of your customers and then open your email then really. Also, with a good social media strategy, you can reach a higher reach faster and reach potential customers whose contact data you do not already own.

To get to know your website visitors better, analysis software is recommended. Again, the SMEs have significant weaknesses again – only just under 35 percent of the examined company homepages contain analysis software tools. The rest of the companies do without this important information. Key figures such as origin, socio-demographic characteristics, contact time and interest can be the first step in your successful social media strategy. The more you know your customers, the better you will reach them! By the way, most companies that are active on social media sites use Facebook.

The social platform offers many different marketing options, from social media advertising to targeted targeting and is therefore highly recommended as an entry point for your social media marketing. To analyze your social media activities and balance effectiveness, we recommend Google Analytics. The online tool is easy to use and also free.

Online Marketing for SMEs # 3 Tip: Always up to date on data protection

Also on the subject of data protection, small and medium-sized businesses need a little tuition. Nearly 60 percent of websites have privacy issues. This high number is due in particular to the fact that most companies use Google Analytics and are not informed about data protection law. Because this requires that all IP addresses of your users must be anonymized.

Therefore, one would have to extend the tracking code of Google Analytics to the addition of “anonymize” – otherwise you will bloom high fines. In today’s internet age, data protection is difficult to understand legal situation and we can understand that especially small and medium-sized businesses feel overwhelmed here. Nevertheless, when processing customer data, you are obliged to protect them. In order to be up-to-date and quickly informed, we recommend that you go through the information sheets of the Hamburg Data Protection Supervisor and thus acquire a contemporary basic knowledge.

However, we encourage you not to be afraid of privacy. Everyone has respect for new things in the beginning, but you will soon find out that being informed is the relaxed way to avoid mistakes. Conversely, changing tracking codes like Google Analytics is a small step in updating your privacy.

Conclusion: Online Marketing and Social Media Strategy Increase Business Success

Grade as a bloody online marketing and social media beginner seems very difficult at the beginning and some Goals unreachable. We recommend that you consult external experts who advise or even assist you. Nevertheless, you should acquire some basic knowledge, because of course, you have to be able to estimate approximately whether commissioned experts do a good job or not.

Only 11 percent of the companies surveyed claim outside help – the reason being mostly the marketing budget. Even if your budget is small and you can raise money for only a few measures, diat least be used optimally and be effective. However, be aware that your website and social media channels are not only an important means of communication, but can also increase your sales and expand your clientele. If you plan your online marketing management well and follow our tips, you will be given the opportunity for a successful online marketing and social media strategy.

And that is guaranteed to pay off. It is important that you write down your strategy so that you do not lose focus and review and improve yourself with the help of analysis tools. Let’s go to Online Marketing King or Social Media Queen!

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