Preparing for GMAT with Experts’ Global’s Online GMAT Prep Program

Preparing for GMAT with Experts’ Global’s Online GMAT Prep Program

To be able to ace an admit in your dream B-school, you must obtain a good GMAT score. While several GMAT prep options are available, you must select only the best option as preparing for GMAT is serious investment of time and resources. The Experts’ Global online GMAT prep is one of the best GMAT prep tools as it is well-researched and comprehensive and include high-quality academic resources and several interesting features, including a weakness diagnostics. Since it was launched in 2018, 1000s of students, worldwide, have been using it as the undisputed prep tool for GMAT and a large number of these test-takers have affirmed significant improvement in their GMAT performance. Let us take a look at the distinctive features of the Experts’ Global online GMAT prep program.

Similarity to the GMAT

The Experts’ Global GMAT Online Program is incredibly similar to the GMAT. Each of its 4000 training questions and mock test questions are identical to the GMAT in terms of their scope, complexity, difficulty etc. Even, the GMAT scoring pattern has been emulated by Experts’ Global, as is testified by the students’ report of similarity between their GMAT and mock scores. This is a significant achievement as the GMAT scoring algorithm is not public knowledge and no test-developer has been able to so precisely mimic the same.

Number and Quality of Mock Tests

The fifteen, full-length GMAT mock tests further distinguishes the Experts’ Global online GMAT prep package as most mock series offers maximum of 6 tests. Experts’ Global has included a higher number of tests because it believes that regular practice is essential to build endurance and naturally develop strategy. Moreover, as these tests are incredibly similar to the GMAT in question type and scoring pattern, it helps the students accurately assess their GMAT performance. You can even take a free GMAT mock to better understand the features.

Weakness Diagnosis

The Experts’ Global online GMAT prep program is singular for its weakness diagnostics. The AI-based software reads the student’s performance in a mock to tell him/her the areas he/she performed the best and worst in and average time taken to solve a type of question. This software can also provide you with a broad overview of your weaknesses by analyzing your past performances. This is crucial to the prep process as to be able to improve, you must first identify and overcome your weaknesses.

Video Instruction

The Experts’ Global GMAT online prep package is replete with self-study resources. Each question is followed by an instructional video that explains the solution to the question as well as the most efficient way to solve the question. Thus, whether you are unable to solve a question or want to reduce the time taken to solve a question, you can refer to these videos. You may also refer to the textual explanations, instead, if you so desire.


Majority of GMAT the GMAT aspirants are full-time working professionals. Hence, keeping to a classroom regime, travelling to and fro class, and following a generic study schedule as considered appropriate by the class tutor may become extremely difficult for these professionals who also need to handle their work commitments. An online and on-demand program, like the Experts’ Global online GMAT prep program, allows these professionals the flexibility of time and place. Thus, they can study at their own convenience and maintain a study schedule that appropriately sync with their specific learning needs.

Special Features

Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep program includes several special features that serve to augment the student’s learning experience. Thus, you can use Flag to create a file of 100s of questions that you found interesting while studying and want to revise alter. Likewise, Sticky is a small pop-up screen that can be affixed to your front screen and you can use the same to take down important points while you solve questions or watch the conceptual videos. The inclusion of these special features emphasizes the fact that Experts’ Global is duly invested in ensuring the success of their students and has, hence, take special care of even the minute aspects that can influence the learning experience of a student.

The Experts’ Global online GMAT program is the best GMTAT prep program owing to its distinctive features that make learning interesting and effective. From including singular features, weakness diagnostics, to being representative of the GMAT, this program is the best prep option for all GMAT aspirants.

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