Prevent your VPN from leaking data with these tips


Having a VPN is common nowadays. They are very useful programs to encrypt the connection and thus improve privacy when browsing public Wi-Fi networks, for example. They also serve to avoid geographic blocking that may exist when using a page or platform. Now, it is essential that it works well and avoid security problems. In this article we are going to give some tips toprevent VPN from leaking data.

How to avoid VPN leaks

When browsing the Internet we can leak a lot of personal data without realizing it. A clear example is the IP address with which we access the network. AVPNis capable of hiding certain data, but if it doesn’t work well it can be leaked. Can we take into account something to prevent it from happening? The truth is that yes and it should be done to avoid problems.

Avoid free VPNs

The first tip is to avoid VPNs that are free. They can be amajor problemfor security and privacy, since hackers can use them precisely to steal data, to profit from the information of those who install this program to browse the Internet.

There are many options available on the net, but not all of them are going to be safe. Research well before installing a VPN, but we advise you to use some of the guarantees such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN. Do not install any you see without confirming if it will really work well.

Kill switch function

A very useful feature in VPNs is what is known as aKill Switch. A VPN can leak data if you go offline and we continue browsing. That is, we are connected through a VPN, our IP is hidden, but for some reason it is cut off and we start browsing without protection and that information is going to leak.

What the Kill Switch feature does is automatically cut off the connection as soon as it detects a problem. We will not continue browsing if the VPN is turned off and, therefore, data such as the IP address will not be leaked.

Updated program

Of course, it is important that the program you use iscurrent, in good condition and without any problems. Once again, checking what we are installing and looking for information on the network is a good idea so as not to install any software that we find and that could become dangerous.

Having the latest versions is always important, but it is even more so when it comes to a fundamental tool for security and privacy. It’s a good idea to check from time to time and see if the program is actually up to date or not.

Do not trust only the VPN

On the other hand, to prevent data from being leaked when browsing with a VPN, one more piece of advice isnot to trust only this program. Even if you have the best VPN, even if the IP address is fully protected, you can still make mistakes that will cause your personal data to leak on the network and you can have problems.

A clear example is when you click on a link that takes you to a false website where they will ask you for personal data or even enter your password.The VPN in these cases is not going to protect you, so common sense is going to be essential. You can also consider updating the system or using a good antivirus.

Ultimately, by following these simple tips you can prevent personal data from being leaked when browsing through a VPN. The objective is to protect privacy as much as possible and not have any type of problem.

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