Proxies For Web Scraping – How They Work & What To Consider While Selecting Them

The very basic explanation of proxy we all know is that it is a protective layer between you and the website or anything you are surfing on the internet. They work through a server that contains multiple IP addresses of different locations.

How it works is pretty simple. The proxy network connects you to a different IP address while you go about surfing the internet. When the new IP address is assigned to you, there is no way your real IP address can be detected.

You have a complete shield against any sort of identification by the web owners. This is why it is very important to perform web scraping through proxies because when you run crawler and scraper through any website, there are high chances that they might detect your activity due to increased traffic.

Therefore, when you will have your IP address hidden, you would face less dire circumstances.

But, having a proxy is not enough. For web scraping, proxy rotation is more effective to have seamless scraping outcomes.

The reason for its importance is that web scraping from a single IP can put a heavy load on it. When the web owners detect such influx on their site, they detect the IP address and block it.

To prevent getting blocked and having hindrance in your scraping experience, have more than one IP address, and rotate amongst them. This rotation divides the traffic among all the IPs, therefore web owners take the traffic as a normal activity.

There are many services available for IP rotations like Zenscrape, which provides an automated IP rotation as well as excellent web scraping services.

What things to consider while selecting a proxy?

To select the best proxy services, there are a few factors to hone in on before selecting the one for your project.

Geographical Location

This feature is really important to consider because many IPs belonging to certain regions or locations are known for scams and deceptions. Therefore, when you use such suspicious IPs, the website owners can easily pinpoint some activity on their site and can block that IP.

Therefore, make sure to go for those proxy service providers who have IPs of trusted locations and areas.

Compatibility With Tools

Always go for those proxy servers that provide broad compatibility in terms of working with different tools. Especially if you have a business project and you need different marketing tools.

There are certain proxy servers out there that offer limitations for some tools, as a result, you can face complexity in your project.

Diverse Subnetting

Many IPs are broken down into smaller networks for the purpose of equalizing traffic to lessen the load on one main network. These smaller networks are called subnets.

Many providers do not diversify the subnets for the IP addresses which leads to websites detecting the same subnet’s multiple requests. As a result, they block the services.

Thus, always go for those providers who offer subnet diversity in their services.

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