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With over 3.8 billion people online daily, and a staggering 2.5 quintillion bytes of data processed by Google each day, accessing desired content worldwide isn’t always straightforward. Geoblocking and content restrictions due to copyrights and government regulations can hinder your online experience. But fear not, because Proxyium offers a hassle-free solution: web proxies.

Absolutely! Proxyium is your go-to source for top-notch proxy services tailored for both businesses and individuals worldwide. With an extensive pool boasting over 10 million IPs, Proxyium ensures dependable, scalable, and lightning-speed proxy solutions to meet various needs.

Their proxies are perfect for tasks like web scraping, SEO endeavors, data extraction, ad validation, and market research. They empower users to collect data efficiently, without constraints, and with utmost anonymity, guaranteeing maximum security and minimal detection risk.

Proxyium takes pride in its unwavering commitment to round-the-clock customer support and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with popular software and applications for hassle-free usage.

Whether you’re a small enterprise, a large corporation, or an individual seeking secure, anonymous browsing, Proxyium’s flexible plans and pricing options make it the perfect fit for all your proxy requirements.

What Is a Web Proxy?

A web proxy is your ticket to anonymous browsing and unlocking your favorite websites, all without the need for software like VPNs. Our free web proxy supports major platforms such as YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and even adult entertainment sites. Your browsing remains encrypted for ultimate anonymity.

How Does Web Proxy Work?

Operating with its own IP address, a web proxy serves as the intermediary between you and the internet. When you request online information, the web proxy routes your request, retrieves the data from the targeted website, and delivers it to you, all while masking your local IP address.

Why Do You Need a Web Proxy?

For starters, it’s your passport to bypassing geoblocking on websites and streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, without sacrificing internet speed. With Proxyium, enjoy ad-free browsing and unrestricted access with just a simple URL paste or website name entry.

Another perk? Improved network performance. By temporarily storing webpage data, the web proxy can serve you a copy of a previously visited site, reducing latency and enhancing your browsing experience.

How to Use Proxyium Free Proxy for Android​

To use Proxyium on your Android device:

  1. Visit the Google Play Store on your mobile device and search for “Proxyium browser.” Download and install the app.
  2. Once installed, tap on the app icon to open it.
  3. Enter the website URL you want to visit and browse the web as you normally would. Your requests will automatically be routed through the proxy server, giving you the benefits of anonymity, privacy, and bypassing restrictions just like with the online web proxy.

Using Proxyium on your PC:

  1. Visit Proxyium’s official website at
  2. Ignore the ads and focus on the purple section where you can select a country and enter a URL to start browsing.
  3. Choose your preferred proxy server location from options like Poland, the United States, Singapore, and Germany. Consider the speed next to each country; selecting a location near you is advisable for faster speeds.
  4. Input the website URL you wish to visit in the provided field, then click the “Go” button to proceed.
  5. You can now browse the web anonymously using Proxyium.

By following these steps, you’ve successfully unblocked websites, enabling anonymous browsing and easy access to restricted content.

The Difference between Web Proxy and VPN

While both act as intermediaries between you and websites, web proxies are accessed directly from your browser, requiring no software installation. VPNs, on the other hand, typically route all your device’s traffic through them. So, if you’re looking to swiftly access blocked websites without software downloads, a web proxy is your go-to.

Advantages of Our Web Proxy:

  • Identity Protection: Your internet traffic is encrypted, safeguarding your local IP address.
  • SSL Encryption: Even sites without SSL are encrypted for secure browsing.
  • Shareability: Easily share restricted pages with friends via permalink.
  • OS Compatibility: Works seamlessly across all operating systems.
  • Modern Web Standards: Supports most web standards for optimal browsing.
  • No Download Limits: Download to your heart’s content without restrictions.

Top free alternatives for Proxyium in 2024

ProxySite.comBrowsing through encrypted SSL connection
CroxyProxyHides user’s IP address while browsing
4EverProxySupport of tons of servers and IP locations to connect while browsing
TurboHideBypass any firewall restrictions
KproxyEase of use, Chrome extension
ProxFreeHas the option to hide IP address
VPNBOOKSafe browsing. Has support for 256-bit SSL encryption
FilterBypassAES-256 GCM-level data encryption, extension support for Chrome and Firefox, and high-quality video streaming
HidesterPresents the website in a swift and safe manner.
MywebproxyURL encryption, browse without cookies
ProxyiumShare proxy versions of websites through permalinks
ProxifyAd-free experience
ExtremeVPN ProxyPrevents ads from showing up while browsing

ProxySite is renowned for its user-friendly interface, making it a breeze to navigate. Its simplistic design allows users to effortlessly access any website by simply typing the URL into the search bar. Additionally, users have the option to select from a range of US and European servers.

The platform boasts advanced security measures, ensuring browsing data is transmitted back to users via an encrypted SSL connection. This not only safeguards user privacy but also enables them to bypass restrictions and filters imposed by entities like workplaces, schools, or governments.

Furthermore, ProxySite offers a convenient feature that enables users to view and manage cookies stored on their devices from previously visited websites. With just a click of a button, users can easily delete these cookies, enhancing their privacy and security while browsing.


When schools, colleges, or workplaces restrict access to popular websites like YouTube, CroxyProxy can be a lifesaver. This proxy website enables users to bypass such restrictions and access blocked websites with ease. Not only does CroxyProxy unblock restricted content, but it also conceals the user’s IP address and provides SSL encryption for added security.

While the basic version of CroxyProxy is free, opting for the premium version offers additional benefits. With the premium version, users can enjoy an ad-free experience and gain access to a wider selection of servers, including those in Germany, the UK, Finland, the US, and Canada.


4EverProxy is a dependable option for accessing blocked websites within organizations or workplaces. With its extensive array of servers and IP locations, users have plenty of options to connect to.

Moreover, the proxy site offers the flexibility to enable or disable website cookies, giving users more control over their browsing experience.

To bolster security, 4EverProxy has implemented its own DNS service, safeguarding user data from leaks and potential compromises of confidential information. Additionally, it asserts a strict policy of not storing any network metadata while users browse through its proxy, further enhancing privacy and security measures.


TurboHide offers a sleek and straightforward website design packed with all the essential features you need from a proxy site. Similar to other proxies mentioned here, TurboHide empowers users to bypass firewall restrictions imposed by schools, colleges, and workplaces while ensuring complete anonymity.

Additionally, TurboHide provides a handy feature that allows users to remove website trackers with ease. Simply toggle the option below the search bar, and you can browse the web without worrying about being tracked.


For frequent users of proxy websites, Kproxy is definitely worth exploring. Not only does it allow access to firewall-restricted websites, but it also offers a convenient Chrome extension. With this extension, you can easily browse blocked websites whenever needed. Plus, Kproxy’s extension supports encrypted connections between your browser and the target server, ensuring private and secure internet surfing.


ProxFree is another fantastic option for bypassing network restrictions. It boasts servers in three countries, including the UK and US, providing users with a variety of options. Additionally, ProxFree allows users to swiftly hide their IP address by selecting from numerous locations worldwide, ensuring enhanced anonymity and accessibility.


Next up, we have the VPNBOOK proxy website, known for its robust 256-bit SSL encryption. This advanced encryption ensures the bypassing of even government-censored websites, enhancing user privacy and security significantly. While VPNBOOK offers servers primarily in the US, UK, and Canada, the selection may seem limited compared to other proxies. However, these servers effectively enable access to most restricted websites. Additionally, VPNBOOK supports hiding your IP address, ensuring safe and anonymous browsing experiences for users.


FilterBypass stands out as an advanced proxy website packed with a range of impressive features. With AES-256 GCM-level encryption, your browsing data remains secure between you and your computer, ensuring utmost privacy. Moreover, when visiting websites lacking SSL security, FilterBypass attempts to retrieve the SSL version to further protect user privacy and identity.

With servers located in the US and Europe, FilterBypass enables users to enjoy high-quality videos from most streaming servers. Additionally, for those who frequently access restricted websites, FilterBypass offers a convenient browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox, enhancing accessibility and user experience.


Hidestar is an excellent solution for accessing blocked websites behind firewalls. This free proxy website effectively bypasses all barriers set by school, college, or workplace management, allowing users to swiftly and safely access desired websites. Additionally, Hidestar can mask IP addresses to ensure users leave no traces behind.

For added convenience, Hidestar offers a free Chrome extension that can be downloaded without any registration requirements. This extension further enhances accessibility and provides seamless browsing experiences for users.


Mywebproxy operates similarly to TurboHide, offering a simple and minimal layout for users. It provides access to a single server located in the United States. Additionally, users have the option to disable cookies and toggle URL encryption for the websites they visit.

To use Mywebproxy, simply type the desired website address into the search bar and start browsing anonymously. With its straightforward interface and basic yet effective features, Mywebproxy makes it easy to access blocked content and maintain privacy while browsing the web.


  • Is Proxyium’s web proxy free?

Absolutely. Enjoy unrestricted access to modern websites without spending a dime.

  • What exactly does a web proxy do?

It acts as the bridge between you and the internet, fetching requested data and delivering it back to you.

  • When should I use a web proxy?

Whenever you prefer to skip software installations for simple web surfing, a web proxy is your solution.

  • Does it affect internet performance?

Not at all. With cache memory, it optimizes your browsing experience by reducing latency.


For those who prefer a no-fuss approach to web surfing without software installations, Proxyium’s web proxy offers unparalleled access to restricted sites without compromising speed or connectivity.

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