4 Issues You Might Face When Reselling SEO Services to Your Clients

Your clients might have shown or might show a need for SEO services. Every businessperson does his/her best to tend to every need of the customer, even if it’s not their primary service. That’s where you can acquire the help of a white label SEO service provider and resell their services to your clients. While it may sound simple, there can be several complications in SEO reselling and we have shared them in this article.

Client May Not Like the Work

If you have made a contract with a white label SEO service provider, you have to make sure they provide the best work. They might be doing the work, but the client doesn’t know that. The client will hold you responsible if anything goes wrong. If the client is unimpressed, there is a possibility that he/she may go to some other firm for the SEO services. You have to make sure that you are working with a reputed white label SEO service provider like Agency Platform, who takes this work very seriously. Remember, all possible issues shared in this article can be easily avoided if you find the right SEO firm in the first place.

Firm May Try to Steal the Client

Many firms offer their services under private label when they have more resources than work. If they lack customers of their own, there is a possibility that they may try to steal your clients by contacting them directly. They would want to build their own brand name and attract new clients by approaching them instead of relying on a reseller.

While that’s almost never the case because it goes against the objective of white-labeling, one must always be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Even if your clients don’t switch, it’ll show your lack of management and can come across as a weakness. Be sure to have a written contract, proofread by a legal professional, and take other precautionary measures to avoid direct contact between the parties.

Can’t Get Profit Margin

You need to have complete knowledge of the SEO field and all the work the firm does for your clients in order to understand the costs and expenses. You can’t just blindly trust anyone. You need to have full control of how much you charge your clients and how much you pay the SEO experts. The SEO expert might charge you too much, barely leaving space for any profit. If you quote high prices to your clients, they are likely to leave your services.

SEO Firm May Not Be Qualified

It’s crucial that the people working for you have the proper qualifications and experience. An amateur will not create a good image for your brand and your clients won’t be happy with their work. Take the time to find a firm that has been offering its services for a number of years, and is trusted by its customers. Your clients will be happy if you offer them the best quality services.

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