SAP SuccessFactors: The Innovative Way to Automate and Digitize the Human Resource Management System

With the passage of time, the roles and responsibilities of the Human Resource Department have undergone a paradigm shift. It is no longer confined to only solving labor-related issues and focusing on personal management.

HR Management today focuses more on recruiting the right person for the job, increasing employee morale, maximizing his potential, and managing the office administration.

Most organizations are looking to streamline HR activities with the integration of innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools. In fact, a survey has found that companies are spending about 45% of their revenue on human capital.

SAP SuccessFactors: Cloud-based HRM

Human resource management has also migrated to cloud-based technology, all thanks to a potent and intelligent software known as SAP SuccessFactors.

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SAP SuccessFactors offers both on-premise and cloud-based HR software to simplify and integrate the Human Resource Management System (HRMS). The HR Management tool also helps in providing a versatile workforce with a preference for professional expertise.

Let’s explore more information on SAP SuccessFactors capabilities to see how it transforms the human resource process.

Streamlining Core HR Activities and Payroll

SAP SuccessFactors consolidates and streamlines the core HR activities and payroll process with the help of cloud-based solutions. Organizations can focus on engaging a better workforce and achieving their goals. Core HR and payroll also provide assistance to a company for ensuring global compliance and formulate improved business strategies to get enhanced results.

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  1. According to SAP official website, there has been a growth of 14% in the organization’s productivity leading to early project completion.
  2. Also, it has reduced the HR transaction cost by 26% as the employee data can be accessed through a single system.

Benefits of Core HR Activities and Payroll

Let’s now highlight some of the major benefits of core HR activities and payroll.

  • The payroll process is aligned with the cloud with the facility of enterprise-grade payroll functionality. It also offers robust security, scalability, and flexibility.
  • It allows the business enterprise to execute its plans on a faster note with quick deployment of organizational structure.
  • The Payroll Management Software or tool allows an organization to view payroll in real-time to ensure accurate legal compliance.
  • It assists in improving employee engagement and streamlining the HR process throughout the company.
  • It eliminates risk factors and hazards related to working unifying the workforce management system.
  • Rewarding the employees for their exceptional work performance to keep them motivated and more dedicated.

Time and Attendance Management

The traditional approach required organizations to maintain attendance register books where employees would enter in and out time along with the signature,

However, SAP SuccessFactors has introduced an advanced Time and Attendance Management Software that helps to monitor employee attendance in real-time access. Also, the HR manager can view the information directly on his device. The software is useful in keeping a record of the employees and marking their punctuality while arriving at the office.

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According to a study, the time and attendance management software have increased staff productivity by 40%. Furthermore, the HR department has to spend 36% less time in monitoring staff turnout due to the automation of the system.

Key Components of Time and Attendance Management

  • Time Sheet (SuccessFactors)
  • Absent Management (Success Management)
  • Time Sheet (WorkForce Software)
  • Shift Planning
  • Absence Management (WorkForce Software)

The Main Pros of Time and Attendance Management

  1. The advanced timesheet allows the HR department to accurately pay the workforce and process activity-based accounting.
  2. Employees get salaries and payments on time.
  3. Absence Management Software keeps a track record of an employee’s absence through a cloud-based management system.
  4. Monitor your staff leaves with an innovative Leave Management Tool to approve or reject the leave request in real-time.
  5. Optimize and simplify the worker shift management to maximize the work utilization from the staff.

Recruiting and Onboarding the Right Talent

The core activity of human resources is searching, scrutinizing and recruiting the right talent onboard. The role also includes enhancing the skills and retaining the right talent. SuccessFactors offers an efficient Human Resource Management Software that keeps the employees engaged and uses their best potential while working on a project.

HR professionals find it much easier to shortlist the right candidate for an interview by quickly screening his resume. They can also monitor the progress of newly recruited candidates to identify their skills.

Important Features of Recruiting and Onboarding

  • Hiring the Right Person – Any organization looking to scale up its revenue should take to hire the right person for the job. It’s important to get in touch with the candidate through an appropriate channel.
  • Onboarding- It is essential to connect with the new recruits from the first day and start developing their skills.
  • Monitoring the Performance- The HR department is aligned with the entire organization. Therefore, it needs to establish good coordination with all the other departments. It must review the performance of the employee at regular intervals and send feedback to employees.
  • Give compensation or reward to any employee performing exceptionally well to boost their morale.
  • Find out and implement viable strategies to reduce job resignation and increase employee retention.
  • Allow a stress-free work environment and encourage more learning and training to gain more knowledge.

Implementing an Improved HR Compliance System

The HR team also has to work on providing an improved compliance system in the entire organizational structure. Here, the SAP SuccessFactors get support from SAP S/4 HANA offering a pool of information to drive compliance-related activities. This literally proves useful when you are allocating the responsibilities to the person. It means choosing the right professional to do the right job.

Benefits of the Feature

  • The HR department and the operations team are operationally connected, which makes it important to create legal and regulatory compliance within the organization. It acts as a single source of information for people.
  • HR can reduce its cost on legal and operational costs.
  • The HR team can also govern risk factors, control the health and safety of the employees.

Human Capital Analytics

SAP SuccessFactors also equips the team with a modern HR Automation Tool known as Human Capital Analytics. This is one unique solution that supports companies to maximize data usage and make managerial decisions. All data insights are sent to the HR department to instantly communicate talent-related strategies.

According to SAP’s official site, analytics help in providing a gain of 20% per employee. In addition, analytics have reduced manual reporting by 72%.

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SAP SuccessFactors supports the organization in implementing the various aspects of Human Capital Analytics such as Workforce Planning, Embedded Reporting, Workforce Analytics, and Predictive Analytics.

Make Your HR Department Smart and Intelligent

Human Resource Management is said to be the core pillar of any organization. Thus, if an enterprise has to exceed the business competition and increase revenue, transforming your HR department into a smart and intelligent team is very important.

SAP SuccessFactors will simplify and standardize recruitment, automate workforce management, and improve the employee experience. Combine SAP SuccessFactors with SAP S/4 HANA to gain an advantage over competitors.

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