Seven Effective Ways to Boost Your Team Productivity

Team's Productivity

Team productivity is one of the main aspects of running any successful organization. The more productive a team, the more value it can add to the business, consequently rendering it more profitable.

File sharing, internal collaboration, and cooperation are necessary for better productivity of the team. However, attaining that level of team productivity is a rather daunting task in itself.

Members of your team cannot be forcibly made to become more productive. If the rules within the organization become more stringent, it will become counter-productive.

In the article below, we will discuss seven ways to boost the productivity of your team.

1. Enhance Internal Communication

You should not merely act like a boss, but you should lead as an example that your team would want to follow.

You should show your team the importance of work management by enhancing your involvement with each team member.

Mingle with your team and always be ready to assist in showing that you are not only part of the team but also able to get things done by yourself.

However, be careful not to become too interfering since it may drop the morale of the team.

2. Flexible Timings

The nine to five work time is a thing of the past and is no longer a useful productivity tool.

Every individual in your team is different. Some people are early risers and like to start work right in the morning. Others may get late out of bed, and get charged around noon.

Instituting flexible timing will allow each member of the team to give their best at the time that suits them the most.

Of course, this may cause some level of communication gap between the members, but the overall effect will be positive.

3. No more unproductive meetings

Meetings can usually be a waste of time. It does not mean that every meeting is useless. However, most comprise of repetitive discussion and boring updates that have little practical value.

Scheduling an hour-long meeting for 20 members will lose 20 hours of your business time. If you want to communicate with your employees, use the e-mail and let them know personally, rather than sitting all of them together for a formal meeting.

4. Shared goals

The entire team is working towards a common goal. This means that every member should know the long-term plans of the business.

Holding back information and not sharing your long-term goals with the team will only serve to decrease the mutual trust that you are trying to establish

On the other hand, if everyone is on the same page regarding the company’s long term aspirations, it compels every team member to become committed to the goal.

They will feel important, and their jobs will become more satisfying.

5. Embrace new ideas

The world is changing at a pace that is faster than you can imagine. New ideas are making their way into the mainstream.

As a leader of the team, you should embrace these ideas rather than be afraid of them.

Take, for example, the work from home phenomenon. Only a few years ago, people were not allowed to work from home. But things have changed now. More people are allowing their employees to carry out their work from home, given that they can manage it.

The trick is to understand which innovation is suitable for your team’s productivity and then embrace it.

6. Offer praise where due

Be generous when it comes to parsing your team members. It will cost you nothing and increase your team’s productivity.

Each accomplishment – no matter how small – should be acknowledged before the entire team.

Let your team members know that they are important and that their contribution to the company is highly appreciated.

7. Parties, lunches, and social gatherings

Social gatherings are a great way of increasing the productivity of the team. These outings are a break from the monotonous routine of thesmart office. It allows team members to relax and mingle with each other on a less formal level. Everybody regards themselves as part of the family, which fosters collaboration and cooperation.

The Final Word

A team will always be as productive as its members. When the individual within the group is giving their best, the team will become productive as a whole.

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