Shared vs VPS hosting | what is the best for me?

Shared vs VPS hosting

Buying a domain is not enough. Buying hosting services are also a prime step for setting up your online existence. It may be a too-simple question to ask but for a newbie, let me clarify website hosting. It is more like buying space on a webserver to store your website files so that your website may stay accessible on the internet. For this, you must have to buy hosting from the best website hosting companies available. Once you choose the company, you have to decide among different hosting services such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, etc. Here I have brought you a brief comparison of Shared vs VPS hosting.

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What is shared hosting?

As the title indicates, shared hosting is more like sharing your living space and resources with other residents. Similarly, your website shares the space and resources with other websites on the same web server in a shared hosting package. You will be sharing disk space, memory, and CPU, etc. More likely, it would allow you lesser bandwidth and speed if some other website gets heavy traffic. Shared hosting costs the lowest of all the hosting services.

Choosing shared hosting

Shared hosting is the best for a blogging website with a lower budget. It offers a standardized beginner-friendly hosting package with the lowest costs. Moreover, you won’t need technical expertise with it.

Conversely, adding to the cons mentioned above, shared web hosting allows you limited access to the back end and no root access at all.

What is VPS hosting?

In shared vs VPS hosting, both have their pros and cons. VPS hosting is a type of cloud server hosting in which your website will be sharing the server like shared hosting. However, the resources are allocated, and other websites won’t affect you anyway. It is a bit pricy than the shared hosting.

Choosing VPS hosting

VPS hosting suits you the best if you run a business and planning on its expansion. Further, you must have an allocated budget for your online presence, and you expect higher traffic on your website. Unlike shared hosting, VPS allows you root access to the server, scalable memory, and bandwidth. Moreover, it is much faster and stable than shared hosting.

However, dealing with VPS hosting, you would need some technical expertise.

In short, there is no better or worse in shared vs VPS hosting. Navicosoft provides with the best hosting services that you would ever need, whether it is Shared hosting or VPS hosting.

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