Solstice Key Fragments: How to Get Them Fast in Destiny 2?

Solstice Key Fragments

When you have the Solstice Packages, you obtain many significant rewards that help you enhance your gameplay and get you good scores. These rewards can be armor, weapons, craft items, and more.

Today’s article is to help the players who want to find the solstice fragment keys. There is a great spot to see the fragments, which you can get after every 5 minutes or 10 minutes.

The players need solstice Key Fragments to unlock the Solstice Packages. Once they have opened the package, they can access all the loot items inside it. In Destiny 2, many of these items are valuable because they can reduce significant time on many activities like farming and speed up your progress.

Let’s see the best spot where the key fragments can be found.

Farming the best key fragments

Tartarus is a quest that if players achieve or grind, they can access fragments quickly. However, there are many quests that can give you a lot more fragments, but this is the fastest one that appears every 10 minutes.

Here you can choose any level to play, such as Normal or Corrupt, and the frequency of the fragment drop will be the same. The quest can also be enjoyed with a friend, and this way, you can also complete it faster. So bring your friends and play on any level, Normal or Corrupt, as you prefer.

There is a new boost available – the Grasp of Avarice boostvia which players can have the dungeon completion. Here the pro players perform on your behalf and complete the dungeon. You receive all the legendary loot items that drop during the play. You can choose the service either on Legend or Master difficulty having 1350 and 1581 light levels.

The number of keys that players can expect is 12. The drop happens if you eliminate the boss, Dimio, the Oppressive Mind. Each round takes you 5 to 10 minutes, and many times it can get reduced to even 3 to 4 minutes.

Taking down the boss and other characters

Finding the fragments is only possible if you make the kills. Fortunately, you find Dimio in the same place every time you grind the quest. Also, the game provides such an arena that there are many hiding spots for the players. Hence you can use the area to your advantage while killing the boss.

Only the first run will seem difficult. If you try to remember the route, all other runs after that will be easier comparatively.

While you are fighting Dimio, you would see that there are three innate energy shields. These shields go around horizontally. You will also notice two gaps between the walls that are transparent. You can use these walls as the windows to make your way to the boss or Dimio. Use your weapons such as guns and grenades, and you should take down Dimio easily.

You should also know that there is no protection that the Oppressive Mind contains. This means that players can easily make a significant attract and take the boss down. In addition, by using the grenade lobes, you can do significant damage to the energy shields.

There are many activities in Destiny 2, and by completing them, players can earn the key fragments. However, players can get the fragments fast and easily by playing Tartarus. They can play it as many times as they want, even if they don’t have Splicer Gauntlet mods. The mission hardly takes seven to eight minutes without mods.

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