Technological outsourcing to increase productivity and competitiveness

Technological outsourcing

We have always thought that the reasons why a client chooses to outsource information and communication technologies (ICT) are simply tactical: investment savings and cost reduction or flexibility .

But the reality is that the strategic benefits of outsourcing …

  • Agility to adapt to a changing environment
  • more time and resources dedicated to the core of the company
  • IT alignment with business goals
    …these are benefits with greater long-term impact .

Every company needs to focus its efforts on the core of its business, and the best way to achieve this is to delegate it to a technological partner that adds value to the service while also being in line with the business strategy.

At digitaltechupdates we get our clients to focus on their business and we guarantee

  • A flexible cost structure through offshore, nearshore service models…
  • We ensure control and supervision with the highest quality of services.
  • We improve the productivity of your company through the incorporation of the best talent.
  • We accompany you through a convergent model of services and management.

What is technology outsourcing?

At digitaltechupdates we offer technological outsourcing services that allow organizations to outsource some or all of their ICT services and focus their resources more productively on activities that increase their growth and competitiveness ; reducing the error rate in decision making and also increasing the efficiency of its processes.

Why bet on technology outsourcing?

  • Cost savings. Reduce, control and anticipate ICT costs.
  • Focus on core capabilities . Improvement of your business, the processes and the main capacities of your organization.
  • Access to technical expertise. It has the skills/experience of digitaltechupdates as a company specialized in ICT, access to the latest technologies and support from a technological partner.
  • Capable of adapting to change and scaling the number of ICT services as needed.
  • Paradigm shift. In the case of general outsourcing in the ICT field, this allows for significant organizational change.
  • Innovation. Outsourcing can be approached as a driver of innovation.

Types of technology outsourcing

  • Software Outsourcing: Specialized technological services for the development, testing or customization of software, apps…
  • Systems Outsourcing: Special services in the systems area (microcomputing, server, cloud) of the company.
  • Communications Outsourcing: Specialized services in the field of networks, switching, routing and firewalls.
  • Cybersecurity Outsourcing: Specialized services in security and ethical hacking.
    Managed Services: complete outsourcing of ICT services through CAU (User Service Center) 8×5 or 24×7, through a specialized team responsible for the service.

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