What is Telegram? How to use it for marketing?

Telegram Marketing

Telegram is best social media platform for marketing. there have many options for audience engagement like telegram channel or telegram group are best ways to gain more followers for marketing.

This social media platform has growing rapidly. According to Google Search, around 400 million active monthly users who are daily use telegram social media to get information.

Around 1.5 million users have download telegram app and signed up. thissocial mediaallows marketers to enjoy more features for customer engagement.

Telegram is more popular for live chatting, channel and groups and especially for bots. By this way, we can send our information to target peoples. let’s see some ways through we can get our income by apply best strategy on this social media platform.

(1) Create a telegram channel and promote them on others platform

We can create brand channel for product promotion. Brand is essential to engage more audiences for products. this is best way through we can get double income by applying best strategy on this social media marketing platform.

We can get more audiences by sharing telegram channel links on others social media platform likeFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube.

Otherwise, we can share links on others telegram channel to increase number of followers are much needed to build trust on audiences. Because people more like audiences for accepting true information.

We can share photos, videos, files or text messages for outreach audiences. there has possible to get private or public access. you can block any people on this platform.

(2) Make private channel after successfully gathered more audiences

Yeah,we can switch private telegram channel once we have collected more audiences on channel.

This is way we can set product information by various procedures. you can notify clients for upcoming product sales and discount hot offers. We can invite new customer to join telegram channel or telegram group.

Telegram Bot is also getting more benefits at starting time to collect more audiences. you can use commands for customer engagement using bots. there have many bots available which sends real audiences for adding number of subscribers.

However, there has many fake bot available which thefts more audiences. So, we can care about telegram traffic bots.

(3) Allow customer support 24/7 Hours

Customer support is much essential to get more sales online. We can build trust by supporting customers about product details.
We can use live text messages options to support own audiences on telegram channel. therefore, peoples can see the latest chat comments. By this way, we can build up authority on this platform.

You can include FAQ’s, handing orders, consulting audiences during live chatbot session. We can use auto-replied messages at starting time. this can help your audiences for indication that you’re online or offline.

It can help customers to get your messages without delay.

Let’s see some important features about this social media will assist to know everything.

3 best telegram features for customer engagement

(1) Groups

Telegram group is important feature to get many subscribes. Groups makes easy on audiences for brand promotion or product promotion.

We can include unlimited members on groups. So, it can benefit to build large audiences on this social media platform. you can join in public group to increase many audiences. however, some groups have not allowed text messages.

There have many groups we can find best groups for brand promotion.

(2) Chatbot

If you are sharing promotion on telegram, then chat bot option will give you extra profit. We can connect with hundreds of clients at once if you are using telegram chatbotsession.

Chatbot can share more information about your products, price, discount. It makes flexibility on your promotion ways.

(3) Channel

Telegram Channel is broadcasting messages to share for large audiences. This makes some different secret facts.

  • Only admin can post on the channel. Once, Admin has published post. It notifies all audiences that new post has published on this channel.
  • Member can’t see other members details on telegram channel. Only admin or owner can see audience details.


Telegram is one of the best social media platform for marketing. We can increase number of followers to get more sales through this social media.
There have many features will assist you to generate more audience in short period time. However, we require the real audiences who are really likes the brand.

By this way, we can get many sales once we have made authority gives trust on audiences to buy the products.

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