The Evolution of the Web Design – Infographic

The Evolution of the Web Design – Infographic

In this post, you will find out about the history of website design and how it has changed in the past 25 years. Going all the way back to 1991, we will investigate different stages and styles that website design went through. It is essential to know about the web design evolution with the goal that you can see how and why currentsites look the manner in which they do.

A brief history of website design for designers

In 1991 the first site went live. This site, as you can see below, isn’t extremely amazing at first look. However, as the vast majority will recollect dial-up association was painfully slow. Therefore, making a website page look appealing was not the primary concern. Now the fundamental concern is to have a site that heaps in a timely manner. Apparently, basic issues could be unravelled in such a significant number of ways. One thing that constantly made me wonder is why there’s a division between design and code. Why troublesome things turn out to be progressively more straightforward, yet basic things turned out to be increasingly difficult?

With the growing innovative web design trend, it’s important not only to have an attractive design but to have a meaningful Infographic which truly represents you” says Navneet Kaushal, CEO ofPageTraffic SEO Company.

So as opposed to discussing whether designers should learn code or developers should learn configuration, we should set some shared belief on how structure for the web evolved and how we could cross over any barrier among code and design.

Certain visual attributes are popular on specific occasions and what is viewed as attractive is continually changing. The visual style and format likewise need to take into account the expanding use of websites and innovation over the long haul.

Development of Web Design (2004-06)

The mid-2000’s was a period when the standard of website design was turned out to be truly created.

We saw websites as often as possible being designed with the best navigation and left bar categories. This is due to the fact that pages with huge amount of content were getting unacceptable; web designers understood that programs would connect better if the data was sorted for them.

Development of Web Design (2010-15)

During this time, drop down menus were the standard on desktop websites. The design was up increasingly ‘out there; regarding the colors chosen, and we saw pretty much everything on the shading range utilized effectively.


It’s clearly difficult to explain how websites will change in coming years. In any case, experts have anticipated that the importance could end up concentrated more on sites as an art-form, as opposed to absolutely something that gives a capacity. This informative infographic fromFullestopis a look at the transformative story of website architecture.

The Evolution of the Web Design – Infographic

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