The key takeaways for digital marketers in 2020

Speed matters the most when it comes to adapting to a digital trend, and the year 2020 doesn’t set any different rule in this context. However, since it is just the beginning of a new year, you can take a break from rolling out things one after another and devote some time to planning so that it turns out to be the best business period ever. Here are some changes that are likely to influence the digital marketing landscape of Australia. Let’s dig into them quickly.

Measuring the impact

The popularity of online marketing activities made everyone believe that these are measurable. As a result, people started obsessing over hard metrics to determine where they wasted money and where it proved a good investment. Cost per click, cost per lead, and cost per sale became a focal point. However, this mindset is gradually transforming. People realize that the buyer’s journey tends to be complex in many industries, and so will be the channels. Use of multiple devices and the practices of remarketing and retargeting add further complications.

Hence, it is necessary to understand that the effect of digital marketing campaigns is impossible to gauge in absolute terms. And 2020 will most likely see this positive change in the mindsets of the business owners as well as marketers. People will start investing in long-term decisions without getting hooked on how much they spent. The change can reflect not just on SEO and content but on paid mediums also, such as Facebook, Google, and YouTube.

There will be more focus on the early and middle phases of the buyer’s journey than on ROI. In essence, it indicates there will be an emphasis on the alignment of marketing campaigns with the actual buyer journey.

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Adding stories to the brand

Earlier, brands used to be the theme of any storyline. But today, customers are coming into focus, thanks to social media that plays a critical role in digital marketing. Brands need to put out clear communication about their offers and introduce their customers in the journey for a more personalized and interactive experience.

In 2020, the companies will need to talk about themselves the way their existing and potential customers view them. Hence, the highlight will not be on the brand but the customer’s relationship with it.

Taking advantage of gallery ads

The use of the right images at the right location increased the popularity of content or message in the online world. The more pictures you use, the better it will be for your business. Google is expected to introduce Gallery Ads in early-2020. These can be the same as Facebook carousel ads. These ads will be available on mobile devices alone, allowing you to combine the best of search and display elements into one. Those who belong to travel, fitness, or food industries, can specifically enjoy the benefits. Imagery works well for these businesses. With Gallery Ads, they can use about eight images with heading and description to appear for relevant search queries.

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It would help if you also kept separate advertising budget for mobile devices and didn’t hesitate to spend money on acquiring top positions in the result pages.

Automating the campaigns

Automation can become more and more important as Google and Facebook don’t relent when it comes to pushing this option for paid campaigns. You would have to figure out when you need to use it and when not. There can be advantages of automating the processes. But when will you be able to reap their benefits is not yet certain. Hence, you have to find out when you should take advantage of machine learning and when you should apply human touch for the success of the campaign.

Tapping into voice search

If you look three to four years back, you would realize how everyone was predicting the impact of voice search. In Australia, this did not happen the way people had expected. But voice searches are slowly rising. Nearly 25% of adults in the US and Australia own a voice-powered device. It is a significant percentage that digital marketers need to take into account while building their plans.

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Adopting personalization

Because of the availability of digital marketing tools and ad platforms, a reputable digital marketing agency Auckland has and other places can now learn about the target audience more deeply. It enables them to come up with compelling and convincing campaigns through EDM, digital media buys, and automation. Nowadays, personalization isn’t about customizing the first-name. All types of small and large companies have to categorize their audience and target them. They cannot reach out to them with generic messages.

Due to privacy threats, you might not be able to target a particular segment strictly, but personalization will be the critical factor in 2020. Businesses will need to narrow down their segmentation.

Using video and animation

In the success of digital advertising, video and animation content plays a vital role. So, if you want to make your campaign a hit, then make use of these elements. It has been in the trend for the last two years, and in 2019, people reaped significant results after investing money into this. If you don’t want to lag in competition, then incorporate video and animation. Just make sure the quality is good, even if you cannot afford to spend a higher amount.

There are many other factors also that you would have to consider when planning a digital marketing campaign. These might not be the new things, but you have to include them in your plans to enjoy an overall positive impact. These include email marketing, paid and organic searches, and social media channels.

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If you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of things you have to take care of, then consider hiring a trusted digital agency in Auckland. The agency people possess all the skills and know-how of how things work online and what they can do to bring the best results as per your expectations. When you delegate them this responsibility, you get ample time to focus on the core business.

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