One of the methods hackers have to steal passwords or infect a device is to exploit vulnerabilities. Now, how long does it really take to take advantage of a security flaw to attack? In this article we echo a study that shows how important it is to act as soon as possible, since cybercriminals seize the slightest opportunity to exploit a vulnerability .

A security flaw is exploited in 15 minutes

According to a report by Unit 42 of Palo Alto, hackers are able to track down and exploit a vulnerability in just 15 minutes after it is disclosed. They constantly look for possible systems and devices that they can attack and as soon as they detect a vulnerability they launch to exploit it.

What does this mean? We have little time to update before they can attack us. System administrators should install security patches as soon as possible. But how do cybercriminals manage to detect vulnerabilities so quickly? What they do is constantly monitor the advertisements that are published by software providers. In this way, as soon as it appears that there is a new vulnerability, they will go to exploit it.

This will allow them to access a corporate network, for example. They will be able to execute remote code and put the security and privacy of many users at risk . This report has been made on attacks that have occurred this year and has resulted in the entire process taking just 15 minutes.

Keep in mind that vulnerability scanning is not really a complicated thing as even hackers with little experience and knowledge could do it. In many cases, the objective is to steal information to later sell it on the Dark Web. It is something that affects organizations and companies, but it can also put the security of home users at risk.

Basically we can say that we are facing a race between hackers and those in charge of protecting systems and updating them as soon as possible. The objective is to arrive first, some to attack and others to defend themselves.

What to do to avoid vulnerabilities

What we home users can do is avoid providing facilities so that they cannot exploit bugs and compromise our security and privacy. The main goal should be to install all the patches and updates that there may be. Only then will we have the system protected and prepared to avoid these attacks.

These updates must be applied to any system you use, such as Windows, but also to any application you have, such as a program for making video calls or the browser. Security flaws can affect all types of software and it is always a good idea to have the latest versions. There are different types of attacks when browsing and you have to avoid them.

Especially devices with direct access to the Internet and programs that are going to connect to the network will be vulnerable. This is where you should be more careful and always check that they are correctly updated to avoid problems. As you have seen, in just 15 minutes after a security flaw comes to light, it can be exploited.