Timothy Sykes Review: The Real Deal


Every once in a while, we come across a personality who has found success in a way that defies belief. Timothy Sykes is one of them. From becoming a millionaire at 22 to being a successful hedge fund manager, actor, writer, and even a teacher.

This guy has quite literally done it all even before he turned thirty. And, it is not an exaggeration to say, he knows what he’s doing.

Where did he make his millions? Lying on the bed with a sports-related injury. That too when he was attending Tulane University. In case you were wondering if he made his first million dollars before he graduated? The answer to that is yes.

Timothy Sykes as a Hedge Fund Manager

How did he do it? That’s simple too. At least, it seems it is simple for Timothy. He deals in penny stocks – buying and selling of shares of relatively small companies. The shares are bought at low prices and sold once the prices are at a rise. And these stocks are traded over the counter.

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All one has to do is open a broker account with over the counter electronic exchanges, deposit funds and start trading. Viola!!! But this is not achieved at a glance at the penny stock available or done randomly, at the drop of a hat.

Timothy himself claims that dealing in penny stocking requires time and discipline. It may reap profits for one who is willing to be disciplined into putting the hours and dedication this field requires. Conversely, it also spells disasters for those who come into this with money but no dedication to learning the tricks of the trade.

Basically, you need to hone in on your analytical skills. One needs to get really well acquainted with the understanding of stocks – their profits, earnings per share, and marketing strategies, etc. Along with that, one needs to evaluate the historical performance of companies by developing the skills of analyzing company performance charts.

For his uncanny ability to “sniff out” the right market shares to deal in, Timothy has managed to create quite a reputation. Thus, we see him featured in interviews in almost every major financial media network from CNBC to Forbes.

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He has also been featured by Trader Daily as the “Top 30 under 30”, and many more magazines have cited him as, “Wunder Kid”. Although, Timothy Sykes has always been very open about his methods and even used this willingness to share his secrets to all and sundry as another way to mint more money.

He, nonetheless, managed to get himself a reputation as a scam. But like they say, ‘ there’s no such thing as bad publicity.’ So, Timothy Sykes became a household name after he became infamous.

After suffering through a setback in hedge fund management, Timothy decided to share what he learned from his experiences in the share market with others.

Timothy Sykes as an entrepreneur of educational business

In 2007, Timothy started a blog and website about penny stocking called TimothySykes.com. This was the start of his teaching career. In 2009, Sykes launched a website for collecting reviews of financial services, videos, and books as well as financial brokers.

Finally, in 2011 he founded a place where other traders could learn and share their own financial experiences. Also, a forum where the traders could network with others to get sought-after help to becoming established in stock trading. This idea formulated into an actual website known as Profit-ly. Another hit venture for Timothy Sykes.

But, it cannot be said that Timothy Sykes completely quit penny stocking. He wanted to show to the naysayers that he could make a million from scratch anytime he wanted because he did not make his first million by fluke.

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Timothy Sykes took up The Million Dollar Challenge, where he once again took a few thousand dollars and turned them into millions. As a matter of fact, other students of his have done this too.

But they all claim to have done this by following his teachings.

Timothy Sykes as an actor

Moreover, Tim accepted an offer from a TV producer to appear in a TV documentary called, “Wall-Street Warriors”. As always, it did superbly.

Timothy Sykes as an author

Another title that adds to his name, is his book, An American Hedge Fund: How I Made $2 Million as a Stock Operator & Created a Hedge Fund in 2007.

But, we don’t see Timothy Sykes as a man who boasts about his success in the share market. We do, however, see him super excited for his students who start from scratch and make millions.

Timothy retired as a fund manager. As mentioned earlier, he takes much pleasure in teaching other traders the ropes of shorting penny stock. He has also through this idea of sharing his strategy managed to make far more money than he did before.

Timothy Sykes as a high flier

Timothy Sykes – the “Wunder Kid” of penny stock lives a life of luxury, flying across the globe to amazing destinations, ‘wining and dining’ with the creme of the crop and speeding in his top of the line sports cars.

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Timothy Sykes as a philanthropist

Yet, we witness another side to Timothy Sykes. Here, we see him as a person who believes in giving back to society from which he has received so much. He is quite a philanthropist. The Timothy Sykes Foundation that was founded by Tim raised has $600,000 for children.

As an alumnus of Tulane University, he established a foundation for the honorees. He has also donated $1 million to Pencils and Promise to help build primary schools in underdeveloped countries.

Just goes to show, there is such a thing as a complete man. High-flier and teacher, philanthropist and actor, mentor and consultant, author and financial activist. Timothy Sykes has officially done it all. And, with a lot of flair. Not to mention, with a whole lot of money in his bank account. For more information on Timothy Sykes, don’t forget to visit: https://stocktradingteacher.com/timothy-sykes-review/

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