Top 10 Google Virtual Courses That Have Free Certification

Free Certification

If you want to update yourself in the digital world and at the same time certify yourself, then let us tell you that Google has many free courses, and certificates for Latin America. Among them you will find courses in Digital Marketing, Electronic Commerce, App Development, Digital Competences, among others.

All these online courses have an estimated duration of 40 hours that you must complete to obtain the free digital accreditation that is granted at the end of the course. Also, it is necessary to obtain 75% correct answers in the final evaluation to obtain the Google certificate. To sign up for this innovative online education experience, all you need is an Internet connection and a Google account. In addition, you can enroll in more than one course if you want. Here we leave you the list of the best free Google courses, along with their respective link so that you can access this great resource.

1.Online Course of Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Certified by Google / The Open University / IAB Spain

This course will help you learn the essential tools of Digital Marketing, as well as other essential elements such as SEM, SEO, and electronic commerce. Apart from being free, it is also accredited by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Another important aspect to highlight is that the course has been created by Google instructors, therefore it includes practical exercises and real examples that will help you achieve excellent results.

2. Digital transformation for employment
Certified by Google / School of Industrial Organization

The course allows you to discover the professional profiles that are emerging, create your individual transformation plan, and prepare for the future of work. In addition, you will gain general knowledge about emerging digital sectors and job opportunities provided by digital transformation.

3. Online course in Electronic Commerce
Certified by: Google / School of Industrial Organization /

With this course you will learn to turn your small business into a large company, as it will allow you to fully exploit the resources of the network, that is, you will discover how to sell products, services, and reach new customers.

4. Introductory Course to Web Development: HTML and CSS (part 1)
Certified by: Google / IEI of the University of Alicante

Introduction to the design of web pages with an adaptive, professional appearance, and using HTML5.

5. Introduction Course to Web Development: HTML and CSS (part 2)
Certified by: Google / IEI of the University of Alicante

In this second part, you will complete your training with the CSS language to be able to make complete websites in a professional way, and adaptable to different devices.

6. Online course on Personal Productivity
Certified by: Google / Fundación Santa María la Real

With this free course you will learn the elementary notions of business management. You will learn tools and processes that will help you be more productive when looking for work or developing a project. And you will learn aspects related to time management, personal brand, online reputation, generation of ideas, etc.

7. Mobile Apps Development Course
Certified by: Google / Complutense University of Madrid

In this course you will learn programming skills and basic concepts for mobile application development.

8. Online course in Commercial Communication
Certified by: Google

In this free course, you will be given tips and guidelines so that your business communications are direct and clear and can be read quickly.

9. Digital skills for professionals
Certified by: Google / Fundación Santa María la Real

Basic digital skills will help you adapt as a professional to the current work environment. To do this, you will know the keys to keep your operating system updated, techniques for solving problems, some fundamental security aspects, rules for the correct treatment of information, tools for the creation of content and communication management and, finally, skills that will facilitate your work in this new digital environment.

10. Online security of companies
Certified by: Google

Learn the basic principles of online security, and how you can apply them to your work and your business.

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