Top 5 best VPN review

With the proliferation of VPN services, it doesn’t take you to realize that there too many products out there. However, it’s good to note that not all VPNs are made the same. Different online uses come with different needs when scouting for the best VPN application. Even though they help to secure a user’s activities or location, it’s imperative to know whether the VPN you intend to choose matches your needs.

While some VPNs are free, others come with a paid subscription and they offer a free trial. Some users buy private proxies to augment security online. Before purchasing, you need to assess your budget, the VPN features you need most, and the number of locations hosting their servers.

Top 5 best VPN

  1. ExpressVPN

Express VPN is considered the best for unblocking and for offshore privacy. It comes with over 3, 000 servers spread in 160 locations. It gives a user 30,000 IP addresses and supports up to 5 devices. Even though it’s not a cheap VPN, the range of apps and servers are worth the subscription. Upon subscription, users are guaranteed fast speed, great support. ExpressVPN integrates with different platforms including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux environments. Additionally, it comes with firmware for routers and VPN browser extensions. There are useful web tutorials that get you up to speed with everything to do with this VPN. Get it at $6.67, $9.99 or 12.95 per month respectively.

  1. NordVPN

NordVPN earns a reputation for its emphasis on security. It comes with 5, 062 servers in 60 locations and supports 6 devices at a go. NordVPN presents users with desktop and mobile integration. Even though it has a non-distinctive logging policy, user data goes through 2048-bit encryption. NordVPN allows users to pay through bitcoins and it features powerful DNS leak protection impressive shot connection speed and dedicated IP addresses. It comes with a 36-month package costing $2.99 monthly, a 12-month plan costing $6.99 monthly, and a one-time $11.95 per month.


Surfshark is the only VPN provider that allows connecting unlimited devices under 1 account. It also unlocks an impressive 16 different Netflix libraries all around the globe, as well as other popular streaming services. With 1000+ servers in 60+ countries, it can offer incredibly good speeds wherever you are. On top of that, Surfshark places a strong emphasis on security. It’s one of the few independently audited VPNs and has a strict no-logs policy. With apps available for most OS, including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and even Fire TV & Chrome, Surfshark is a steal at $1.99 per month for a 2-year plan. Their monthly plan, however, is a more expensive $11.95, and the yearly plan comes out at $5.99/mo.

Surfshark is the only VPN provider
Surfshark VPN provider
  1. IPVanish

If you are into P2P and torrenting, IPVanish is your go-to VPN. With over 1, 000 servers spread across 60 countries, this VPN allows users up to 40,000 IP addresses and 10 supported devices. It doesn’t keep traffic logs, and it offers impressive download speeds. Users don’t get free trials but the service quality outshines that. Apparently, it’s touted as the fastest VPNs on the planet. It comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee. The subscriptions include a 12-month plan costing $6.49 per month, a 3-month plan at $8.99 per month and the 1-month plan for $10.

  1. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a proven VPN for secure online browsing. This VPN has over 2, 500 servers spread across 25 locations. It supports a maximum of 5 devices. It’s one of the affordable VPNs with remarkable connection speeds. Users enjoy a 7-day trial period free. It’s ideal for torrenting and accessing geo-locked services. Even though it cannot operate with routers, it supports major platforms. It comes with a no-logs policy, secure AES-256 encryption and a money back guarantee. Hotspot Shield collects users aggregate, but it’s purely for analytics. It comes in packages of $12.99 monthly, $53.94 for 6 Months, $71.88 annually and $125.62 for 3 years subscription.

  1. CyberGhost

CyberGhost comes with an array of rich clients and top-shelf configurability. It provides over 3, 000 servers spread in more than 60 locations. It supports a maximum of 7 devices. Even though its interface is not the best, this VPN comes with advanced features and torrent support. With 10 million users, it integrates well with Windows, iOS and MAC operating environments. If you opt for the free plan, you are limited to one device. The data usage is unlimited and there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. CyberGhost has four plans 8 Months at $3.50 monthly, 12 Months plan at $5.25 per month, 6 Month plan at $7.99monthly and a 1 Month plan costing $12.99.

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