Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Ireland

Data Analytics

In a world where data rules and data analysis is crucial for any business, deciding to pursue a data analytics course becomes a smart decision for any professional. This is because the demand for big data and data analytics related skills is quite high spanning across all industries including the retail, manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, supply chain, financial services, and public sector among others. Data analytics delivers the insight and business support required to drive efficient operations and growth while also minimizing risks in the business. Thus, prospects for data analytics professionals whether at the entry-level, mid-level, senior, or even consulting levels of their career are promising. 

However, an individual has to demonstrate that he possesses the required skills, competencies, and experience required for a data analytics job role. For those with an interest in data analytics but who have no background in computer science or engineering, the place to begin is at a foundational certification training that will usher them to data analytics certification training and thereafter allow them to advance in their preferred specialties within the data analytics field. 

Top Qualifications for a Data Analytics Profession

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a related discipline is the basic qualification for an entry-level data analyst role. Other qualifications include: 

  • Relevant online certifications 
  • Masters degree for senior roles 
  • Relevant years of experience 

Some of the skills a data analytics professional should possess are: 

  • Data mining, processing, analysis, and interpretation skills 
  • Data visualization, presentation, and communication of insights and trends from data sets
  • Knowledge of relational database 
  • Business intelligence and strategy 
  • Data quality and key performance indicators monitoring
  • Organization skills 
  • Math and statistics proficiency 

Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Ireland

Today, successful organizations in Ireland and the world override on data-driven decision making which is a function of data analytics. The success or lack thereof, of data analytics for any business operation, depends on how well data analysts are equipped for their role at any level. This is where data analytics training comes in. These five data analytics courses top our list of the best data analytics courses in Ireland.


  • Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics


Offered by: Simplilearn in partnership with Purdue University 

The Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics offered by Simplilearn in collaboration with IBM is a self-paced learning program that comprises six data analysis courses with Simplilearn’s Capstone project as the final course towards the Purdue Post Graduation Program Certification. For each completed course, a Simplilearn certification is awarded. The syllabus includes the following courses – Analytics and Programming Foundations, Data Analytics with Python, R Programming for Data Science, Data Science with R, Tableau training, and Data 

A notable advantage that IT and other professionals have by enrolling for this course is that a Purdue Post Graduation Program certification distinguishes them in the industry as having mastered the data analytics domain comprehensively.  Packaged with live online classes, more than 14 real-life industry projects drawn from various industries, and a number of languages and data analysis tools such as Python, R, Microsoft Excel, Tableau, and Power BI, learners have the valuable opportunity of building practical experience in data analytics from this course. 

However, while the course is a good option for all professionals including those from a non-technical background, it is recommended that a professional possess basic knowledge in mathematics before enrolment.  


  • Advanced Analytics and Real-Time data processing in Apache Spark 


Offered by: Global Edulink, Dublin

This one-year certification course offered online by Global Edulink in Dublin lays a foundation on Spark programming language in addition to data analysis concepts. It covers Spark concepts as relates to data streaming and data analysis also, including two use case illustrations for practice. For this reason, learners are required to possess knowledge of mathematics, Spark, and ICT. This course has seven modules in total and is CPD (Continuing Professional Development) & IAP (International Awards for Professionals) accredited.


  • Analytics / Data Analytics Certification Training Course, Ireland 


Offered by: ExcelR in collaboration with SGIT, Steinbeis University

The Analytics/Data Analysis certification training is a 6-month diploma program within the data science field. It is an SGIT, Steinbeis University program administered online and in physical classrooms by ExcelR. It equips learners with practical knowledge in data collection and processing, data mining, and data visualization, as well as statistical analysis, text mining, predictive analytics, machine, and deep learning, neural networks, and NLP using tools such as  R Studio, Tableau, Hadoop, Spark and programming languages like R and Python. One advantage that this course has is that its curriculum can be tailored to suit different learners with the opportunity for job placement in the several corporate organizations in Ireland that ExcelR training provider has partnered with.  


  • CIW Data Analyst (Big Data / Analytics)


Offered by: College of Management and IT (CMIT)

This data analytics course by the College of Management and IT in Dublin is designed to equip professionals with the analytics competencies needed to make informed decisions and run efficient business operations. This course teaches you to work with both structured and unstructured data, deploy appropriate data collection and analytics tools like Hadoop and R Project, customize database solutions, and extract insights from various data sources. Additionally, this course teaches professionals the fundamentals of data visualization and presentation. 

This course takes six months after which a Data Analyst Specialist Certification is awarded. Enrollment comes with access to course learning materials and e-learning resources like tutorials, course review questions, revision exercises, and flashcards. However, before enrolling for this course, one should have a good understanding of spreadsheets, databases, and business processes in addition to coding knowledge. 


  • Data analytics and Data Science Training courses


Offered by: New Horizons Computer Learning Center, Ireland 

These data analytics and data science courses, offered by New Horizons in partnership with experts in the field of data science, target professionals in the field who wish to undertake a comprehensive yet customized data analytics course. These courses include:

  • DA-100 Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Power BI – Data Analysis Practitioner 
  • Data Analysis Fundamentals using Excel 

New Horizons also offers tailored corporate data analytics courses that focus on the specific requirements of their clients whether at the strategic, managerial, or advanced implementation techniques level.  


Data analytics can be defined as the mining and analysis of captured data sets using statistical analysis techniques to extract insight. These insights inform the business decision-making process if the business has to grow to expand its market base and improve its operational efficiency. Data analytics professionals, according to a study done by Havard, is headed to becoming the most in-demand skill across the globe in a few years. Whether you have some knowledge or intend to launch your career in the field, a good training course will help you hone your skills to suit industry requirements.  

Data analytics stands at the center of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, the internet of things, robotics, and machine learning. Thus data analytics is a broad field. 

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