Top 7 Tips to Make Your Late-Night Drives Safer

In a country like India, where crimes and accidents occur even in broad daylight, travelling at night is considered far riskier. It is because roads are deserted, and, in case you meet with an accident or a safety issue arises, you may not find help close at hand.

Whether you or your loved ones are travelling by personal car or a cab, you’re always concerned about safety. You stress out more so in the case of a female travelling alone or with a chauffeur at night, given the record of crimes committed against them.

While you can’t always avoid travelling at night altogether, the only way to ensure safety for yourself and your loved ones is by following some smart security measures. An excellent way to ensure safety while travelling is to equip your car with a dash cam. A dash cam is a smart GPS tracking device that comes equipped with many other features that can provide you with even greater security.

Here are some useful tips you and your loved ones can follow to make late-night car trips safer:

  • Make a Call

Whether you’re leaving from a party or returning from a night-shift, driving yourself or with your chauffer, make sure to inform someone before starting. While calling them up would be a better thing to do, however, if it is late, drop them a text with your live location. This will ensure that someone is always informed of your last whereabouts.

  • Lock and Roll

As a good practice, the moment you sit in the car, lock it from the inside. Next, make sure that you do not roll down the windows, as it may not be safe to keep them down at night. A well-locked car will keep you secure to a great extent.

  • Alert Mode On

Even if you switch on the music system of the car, make sure that you don’t lose yourself in listening to songs. Stay alert and focus on the road ahead. Many people drive rashly at night. Staying alert will keep you in control of the car and save you from any mishappening.

  • Don’t Get off

It is not safe to get off your car in the middle of the night since anything uncertain can happen. When you’re in a moving vehicle, you can often ward off the possible chances of danger. In case someone tries to follow you or attack you, try to stay calm and keep driving until you reach a safe location.

  • Get the Adjustments Right

Chances of crashes and collisions are often high due to low visibility at night. To minimize the chances of any such incident, clean and adjust the rearview and side mirrors properly before starting off. You should also adjust the headlights and the fog lights to ensure maximum visibility.

  • Pepper Spray

A pepper spray can act as an instant safety weapon to help you fight off anyone who tries to harm you. Keep it handy in your bag so that you can easily use it to protect yourself.

  • Extended Security

While a GPS tracking device is one way to ensure safety and smooth travels, what you need for extended security coverage is a smart solution such as a dash cam. One of the best dash cams available in the market is KENT CamEye that is fitted with a dual camera and calling feature to stay in touch with your loved ones while travelling. Not only that, but the device also sends alerts and has a video playback feature. So, to ensure that you are always well-secured when travelling in your car, equip it with a dash cam such as CamEye. You can easily buy it online from Amazon India.

Enjoy a Secured Travel Experience

You may buy the best car for yourself, but what’s more important is that it is equipped with the right security devices for safe driving. A smart car safety device such as a dash cam can keep you one step ahead of unforeseen emergencies while travelling. Along with buying a dash cam, you must also follow other tips to ensure safety while driving both during day and night.

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