Unleashing the Power of Core AI: Exploring AI Infrastructure and Its Impact

AI Infrastructure

The situation with AI today is reminiscent of the advent of electricity. Those who have the opportunity to use it are amazed at its great potential. And just as all the economic and social processes are unthinkable today without electricity, AI will eventually become ubiquitous. But a highly advanced core AI infrastructure must be in place for this to happen. Without it, any attempt to develop apps using artificial intelligence will be too time-consuming and resource-intensive.

How Complex Is the AI Infrastructure?

To create, train, and operate programs based on artificial intelligence, developers need very large capacities in relation to the following components:

  • The processor that runs and controls all the work of the AI;
  • Storage that contains the vast array of data that AI operates on;
  • Networks over which information must be transmitted instantly;
  • A set of programs that provide a full cycle of work on the development and deployment of applications.

Advantages of AI Infrastructure as a Service

Creating all this infrastructure from scratch is too expensive and does not make sense even for a large company. The intention to create your AI infrastructure is like the desire to build your power plant. Why should you do this if it is enough to run a wire to use all the services of electricity? It is the same with the AI infrastructure ― you can easily connect to it on a PaaS basis and use the widest technical and software capabilities that the provider committedly created.

GCore’s AI Platform for the Most Efficient Application Development

In nearly 10 years of operation, GCore has grown into a leader in cloud services, enabling it to launch a unique AI platform. It provides dedicated vPODs and virtual vPODs for companies and development teams working with AI. By subscribing to GCore services, you become entirely free from any worries about hardware and software. You get all the components of AI infrastructure in the most advanced versions, even with round-the-clock technical support. Becoming a leader in AI development is easy when you rely on such an excellent AI infrastructure from GCore!

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