What is a CRM and what is it for?


Any type of business or organization that is looking for new clients or wants to better manage the ones it already has, needs a CRM.

What is a CRM?

CRM for its acronym in English means Customer Relationship Management, theCRM Systemusually bases its operation on the cloud, although it is also possible to integrate it into the company’s servers, this allows us to keep a record of all interactions with customers, in this way you can have a comprehensive overview of all customers to manage the relationship with all customers of the organization.

What is a CRM used for?

Basically it serves to collect customer information and above all use it to later personalize their interaction experience with the products or services offered by the business or organization.

The CRM is also a lead generation tool, which allows us to create campaigns, automate contact by email and personalize the points of contact with the client.

The CRM application is responsible for registering and integrating all this information, in addition to this the CRM provides us with a tool that allows us to manage the entire team, whether marketing, sales, etc. This helps to get a view of the growth that the business has.

A CRM system that I can recommend is Kiper, it helps us track customers and manage sales. I leave you a video so you can learn more about this CRM.

Benefits of using a CRM.

There are many benefits that a CRM solution can provide us, let’s see some of them.

1. Interaction log per customer

A CRM allows you to store all customer information from the moment they first arrived asking about your products and services to the current moment where they are using them.

2. Share information with the entire organization

All collaborators in a company or organization have access to all the activity records that have been had with the client, so that if at one time it is attended by 2 different people at two different times, the case can be followed up without the need to ask the client everything again.

This is possible because the information is centralized, integrated and shared within the company. This greatly facilitates coordination so that the organization can act in a more integrated way, helping to improve the experience and therefore customer satisfaction.

3. Automate Tasks.

Another of the important advantages of CRM is that it allows you to automate tasks, this means that many activities that are carried out manually can be automated to improve interaction with the client.

4. Report Generation

One of the most important things that the CRM can do, by having all the information stored in one place, is that it allows you to keep track of all the information to make reports, analyze the data, observe trends, see what the most opportunities are. profitable, knowing which are the best sellers, which opportunities should be closing this month, which opportunities have not been closed and are not being attended to.

All this type of information can be obtained thanks to the fact that the CRM integrates all the information about the interaction that has been had with the client.


Undoubtedly, CRM is a key element to control and monitor a fundamental part of any business or organization, the relationship with its customers.

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