What is Chatmatic


What is Chatmatic

If you’ve heard of the newest trends in Facebook, one of them these years is the chatbot. What is a chatbot exactly? Well, it’s a very powerful tool that allows you to connect with social media sites, and even your very own website, and it lets your customers get ahold of you, have frequently asked questions answered, and more. There’s a newer chatbot in town, and it has had quite a struggle. We’re going to discover what exactly it can do for your business. Enter into the ring… ChatMatic.

ChatMatic Has Potential

When it comes to other chatbots on the market, this chatbot actually weighs in as a pretty heavy competitor, though it lacks a little bit of features. It is a basic chatbot, and allows you to have your messages be dispersed well over Facebook Messenger, but one of the most key features, is that they guarantee that your messages will always be delivered directly to your target, and won’t ever hit the Message Requests box, which many people don’t even check (you would be surprised by just how many messages people have on a given day in regards to message requests – and they don’t even know it).

Because of its simplicity, many people find ChatMatic one of the easiest chatbots to learn, so this brings some promise to the table as far as usability and ease of learning. However, this chatbot just doesn’t cut it with available features compared to most chatbots on the market, like the world renowned ManyChat.

Is ChatMatic Cheap?

While many chatbots offer free versions, so does ChatMatic. You can get anything all the way up to a couple hundred subscribers, but what’s important is that you get unlimited campaigns, unlimited messages, built-in support, and you can add branding to your chatbot. This is great for those entrepreneurs who are just starting off small. You still don’t get the same functionality and abilities that you can have with other chatbot competitors though.

As far as future businesses which have grown, you may want to keep a close eye on the paid features that they try to boast for. As we said earlier, ChatMatic is a good idea for basics, you don’t get as much when you sign up for a paid subscription, and they can be quite expensive as well. Not only that, but you lose features that you had as a free member (like branding). Of course, if you’re a corporation, you probably already have your branding in place. It still isn’t as good (and this has even been reported by numerous reviewers) as ManyChat and other chatbots. Even avid ManyChat pros would rather go with competitor chatbots than ChatMatic, and that says something.


So as we look into the endeavors of Mr. Travis Stephenson, we can see that a smart bot is a better alternative than paying a ton for basic service. Even Facebook has been told to have better options. If you need a good course, you can get ahold of a Smart Bot Marketer to teach you how to use the awesome functions of ManyChat, and many other better automation tools out there.

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