What Is Cyberbullying ?

Today, we will tell what is cyberbullying, many people will be listening to it for the first time. Some people are victims of cyber bullying on social media. What happens after this is why cyberbullying is why people are being victimized by this, or what should we do if you are victim of cyber bullying if women or children If you are a victim, then you should complain about it and what measures are there to avoid it. This is the kind of information we have for you today.

What is CyberBullying ?

CyberBullying is crime which means harassing someone online through dirty language, threats or dirty pictures. The victims of CyberBullying often have more women and children, and Cyber Bullying is more social media only. If it is with you then you can deal with them by following the written instructions.
Highster Mobile is for parents to monitor their children and for employers to monitor the company owned devices of employees. Employers must gain consent before monitoring the company owned devices of employees.
Indian kids are the most cyberbullied kids in the world.
From 32 percent in 2016, the number of parents reporting a number of cases of cyberbullying faced by their kids has risen to 37 percent. Analysis of such cases shows that parents used mobile monitoring apps like Xnspy to monitor the digital activities of their kids, and found that their kids were cyberbullied on text messages and social media platforms. Through mobile monitoring apps, they accessed all the information of the person trying to cyberbully their kid like their phone number and email address, etc. Parents also shared the fact that most of the kids do not discuss such incidents with their parents, but as a matter of fact, these cases are rising persistently.

Cyberbullying & its rules

If someone gets you a mental injury by sending an incorrect message or shares someone’s personal information with others on the Internet without his permission, then it is a punishable offense under the IT Act. Under which, the person who is doing this may have to pay a fine of 2 to 3 years and fine up to Rs 1 lakh to 5 lakh rupees.

  • If any person who uses a word or activity or message against women, which breaks their modesty, then it falls under the category of crime, and legal action can be taken against them.
  • Any such information which is objectionable and whose motive is in the category of Cyber-bullying.
  • If there is any such information that comes in the category of Cyber Bullying for accessing discomforts, threats or injuries through the Internet.
  • On the complaint of Cyber Bullying, the Police can take action against that person under the Information Technology Act (IT Act). In which the criminal has the provision of both punishment and fines.

 If you are facing CyberBullying

Block the person who buzzes with you so that he can not contact you only if he is in the Friends list on facebook or whatsapp, then he will befriend them immediately. If someone wants to force you to facebook, you block him and give his profile to facebook that this profile is bothering you.

If there is any such comment with you on Facebook then go to Facebook’s Report Abuse and report it.
If someone bullies with you, then do not delete that message, you should keep it safe and depending on it, you should complain against that person in the police.
If any message or profile is being harassed on the social media, then you can complain in the police station, by receiving a print out of the message and the message by which she is disturbed you.

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