What is Issues Management in Public Relations?

Issues Management

With the development of a brand comes numerous bumps on the road. These obstacles can meddle in the steadfast growth of the brand and impact the consumers. Issues management plays an important role here. It is a system created through public relations services to resolve any foreseen problem, which predicts and analyses the crisis and provides a solution for it. The purpose of having an issues management system is to save time and resources so that the problem does minimum damage to the brand.

Issue management follows a particular protocol that is highly effective and credible in every sector.

Here are the exact steps to set it up

1) Anticipating the Issue

The emergence of a new trend often leads to a blockage in adapting to it. Knowledge of that is the first step to issue management. Only by anticipating the problem can a credible solution be provided.

2) Pinpointing the problem

On analysing the business environment, the potential issues unfold themselves. Identification of the problem is the next step in issue management. Keeping a close watch on the functioning of your business environment is a strategic method to do the same.

3) Define the prime concerns

Which issue should you cater to first? Asking this question is mandatory. Prioritisation is a vital step in the process. Surmounting the problem that can potentially have maximum impact on the brand first is what issues management is all about.

4) Come up with a strategy

The next step in issue management is creating an effective strategy to eliminate or minimise the disruption. Distribution of the work to teams, evaluating the best damage control methods, and coming up with a game plan is done in this step.

5) Bring the strategy into action

Implementation of the strategy defines the amount of damage control. Introducing new policies or ground rules can lead to an effective change in the brand. Executing your plans as per the strategy in play is a make or break scenario.

6) Analyse the effect

Keep a close watch on the diverse effects of the strategies. Did your plan resolve the issue? Is there any counter-issue created due to the changes? What are the changes in the work environment? Asking these questions is highly important in the functioning of the brand.

Issues Management in Public Relations.

Public relations play a momentous role in the working of a brand. They strategically engage with the audience and are considered a great promotional tool. Hence, any issue in PR can affect the reputation of the organisation. A PR disaster can be any brand’s horror as they are the face of the organisation. But, PR is not about creating recognition. It also provides information in handling and evoking an issue and plays a key role in damage control.

Here is what PR professionals will do in an upholding situation

1) Impart a reliable and strategic set of next steps

The role of PR is to analyse the situation and come up with a trustworthy guideline. PR specialists play a vital role in guiding to mitigate the problem. Since they are well aware of the business issues and have expertise in dealing with the audience daily, the negative impact happening to the brand will be minimal. When the case is ongoing, they will concurrently provide a solution, using optimum dialogue and leveraging social media to your advantage. Such resolutions essentially prove to be beneficial to the brand.

2) Use media expertise

Brand adversity is the scenario where the brand’s name is at stake. Social media and traditional channels can be a bane in such a situation. PR specialists know how to handle such a position and will react to the same very intentionally and carefully. They will deliver conscious content that will favour the solution and hence assuage the issue’s status.

3) Provide a strong backbone after the issue

A colossal amount of work is required to build back the brand’s reputation. PR professionals will engage with the audience so that the engagement towards the solution increases. They will take action that perpetuates the brand’s visibility in a positive light again. Keeping such practices continual is highly necessary, specifically after an issue.

Popular strategies used by PR professionals in issue management

  • If the PR has foreseen an issue, internally or externally, they generate a reliable crisis team to revoke the upcoming situation. In addition to that, they change the tone and delivery of their social platforms accordingly.
  • PR specialists do a great job at curating crisis messages to reduce the weightage of the problem, hence managing to cut down the negative impact.
  • PR uses social media to communicate with the audience and consumers in a crisis.
  • Introduction of new PR campaigns, audience support using sentimental strategies, and positively channelling recognition creates a lasting impact.


Issues management has saved many brands from incurring losses. PR contributes a great deal to the same. Creating a plan of action beforehand is beneficial not only for the safety and security of the brand name but also for the perpetuity of the organisation.

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