What is Neuromarketing: How it works, advantages and disadvantages


Nowadays there is a lot of talk aboutNeuromarketingbut… what is it really? How does this discipline work? We will see all this and more in detail in this note.

What is neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is adisciplinethat allows, through techniques, to get to know users better and create more effective marketing campaigns with better performance.

A lot of research is done on the user himself and on the entire purchase process that he carries out. The basis is to predict their behaviors and reactions to advertising or marketing. People’s reactions have been studied since ancient times, because it is known that most purchase decisions are unconscious.

Neuromarketing is key if we sell a product or service because it allows us to analyze the level of attention and sensory responses of the consumer in the face of various stimuli. Through these techniques that we mentioned, it is possible to know how the brain reacts to a marketing campaign and everything that the process to which it is subjected entails for the user.

Knowing what the user feels, what he thinks and how he acts makes us develop products or services that are more in line with them, that have better acceptance and favorable results.

What are the advantages of neuromarketing?

  • Improves the image of a brand: Work is done on the specific needs of users. The analysis of people is not invasive, many times the user is unaware that he is being investigated.
  • You get more accurate results: Studying users leads us to obtain endless more accurate data.
  • Improve the user experience you provide: Yes, by getting to know your users better, you will undoubtedly offer a great shopping and browsing experience on your website.
  • It helps you discover insights: You will know how to better convey certain information, capture their attention, awaken their emotions.
  • It allows you to develop new products or unforeseen services: Even if you offer services, you will be able to create new functionalities according to your clients.
  • It works for both offline and online. Neuromarketing is applied to everything, whether for your physical business,online storeorwebsite.

Disadvantages of neuromarketing

Yes, obviously neuromarketing is not perfect, let’s see its disadvantages.

  • Results may take several months.
  • You should have a small budget for user research.
  • If users think they are being investigated, they may get upset. You must be very careful and always respect their privacy.
  • The answers are usually general according to the sample taken.

concrete examples

+ In the prices of a commercial establishment or an online store you have surely seen numbers like this: 5.99 dollars instead of 6 dollars. Those cents make the product perceived as cheaper by the user’s eye.

+ The colors you use on your website or store influence the mood of users. Did you know? Some examples: The color green is synonymous with positivity, red with care, black with mystery, etc.

+ The location of the products is key. Have you seen where the chocolates are in a supermarket?

+ Music or a song can ruin or stimulate a purchase. Attention with this.

+ Ads and stories that reflect emotions are more effective and capture more attention from users. They stay longer in your memory.


Neuromarketing is adisciplinethat you should take into account for your marketing strategy.

It can provide great solutions and improvements to your brand or company and the most important thing is that it focuses on the consumer. It is key to detect behavioral trends.

Keep in mind that to apply everything we saw in this note, it is ideal to have a website or online store.

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