What Kind of Plugins Should You Consider for Your Site

Plugins are one of WordPress’s strongest features – it allows you to extend the functionality of your website, optimize it and make it run quicker, use interactive widgets on your website, and much much more. Whatever you’re thinking of, chances are there is a plugin in the WordPress marketplace that helps you achieve it. Sadly, when you’re a beginner, the plugin marketplace can be a bit overwhelming and the paradox of choice really shines, and not everyone has the capacity or the budget to use a great service like https://acclaim.agency/psd-to-woocommerce-shop. This article will help you learn about the kinds of plugins that you must install and use.

#1 Optimization Plugins

This is one of the main areas where WordPress plugins shine. There are many high-quality plugins that allow you to optimize various aspects of your website to achieve faster loading times and a more responsive experience:

  • Asset compression: while you want high-quality assets in your website to ensure each page looks as good as possible, this also causes your web pages to load much slower because of the size of the assets. Asset compression allows you to significantly reduce the size of the assets without a noticeable loss in quality – it is one of the primary ways to speed up your website.
  • Lazy loading: you don’t have to load every asset on the page before you display anything on the screen. Lazy loading allows you to show the essential parts of the website to the user as the secondary assets are being loaded in the background. It is an amazingly useful technique if you have a lot of pictures on your website.
  • Code optimization: automatic code optimizers have come a long way, and if you aren’t a highly-experienced coder, you’ll really find this function useful.

#2 SEO Plugins

SEO is one of WordPress’s strongest aspects – websites that are designed with WordPress tend to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) due to how WordPress is designed. But you don’t have to be satisfied with that only, because ranking higher on SERPs will increase your traffic tremendously – almost 90% of traffic to websites come from Google, so ranking high for more keywords on the search engine has the ability of massively increasing traffic to your website.

WordPress has many excellent SEO plugins that are capable of helping you optimize both the technical and code side of your website to appeal to Google more – this includes ensuring the title of your page is within a certain range, you don’t forget to include metadata, keep track of the keywords you’re targeting, and much much more.

#3 Widget Plugins

It is extremely difficult to code complex widgets with complex functionality, especially for beginners. And if it wasn’t nearly impossible, it would be extremely time-consuming. Examples of these widgets include collages, slideshows, and more complex elements.

Thankfully, there are many WordPress plugins that implement these widgets in both an optimized and effective manner, and they also allow the user to customize and add their personal touch to the widgets. This makes widgets a powerful tool WordPress users can use to extend the functionality of their website and make their websites look and feel more impressive.

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