Why aren’t my Facebook ads working?

Facebook ads

The social network with the most corporate presence today is Facebook, there is no doubt about that.Millions of corporate profiles are up, working well and generating a turnover of 15,934 million dollars for the company, well, practically 16 billion dollars mainly for advertising.

This means that people are spending an average of $ 43 million onFacebookdaily. A fortune! They do it because it gives them good results, because if not, this website would not be so successful, which has become one of the current advertising platforms par excellence.

If you have not yet invested in Facebook despite being present in this social network, because you do not dare or are not sure if you will be able to have good results,face your fearand stop losing the great opportunity to reach more people because of your insecurity.

In case you have already tried and your expectations have not been met, below we will give you a series of reasons why that happened.This way you will be able to analyze what happened in your case and in the next attempt to achieve the proposed objectives.

On the other hand, if you are currently running a campaign with a series of ads and Facebook but this has become an expense because you do not see the return on investment, this article is also for you, so that you can know the possible areas in which you are failing and correct them:

1.- You started creating ads without having a consolidated profile.

It is a fact that Facebook ads are effective, but this happens when you know how to use them well since they do not work magic.

If you have a profile that lacksbasic information suchas a website, quality photographs, or simply information about what you do, what you do, what differentiates you from the competition among other data, do not be surprised if people When they go to your page and find nothing that instills confidence, they prefer to ignore the ad they saw in the first place.

Before you start spending money on ads practically randomly, make sure your profile is strong enough so that people can target it and feel confident that it is a serious company or brand that takes its presence seriously. in the web.

2.- You need to know your audience better.

This is another problem that often occurs. When you don’t know youraudiencewell enough, it will be more difficult to reach them with the right language, with the information that interests them, among others.

When you know your audience well, you know that you can’t just offer them promotion about your business, this would be too selfish, instead, you need to have a balance where you offer them valuable and relevant information, but at the same time you advertise yourself. A good balance between these two elements is key.

If your ad is not giving you results, look at the type of language you are using. Is this correct for the type of people you are targeting?If the answer is negative or you are doubtful about it, it means that you should do a study about who your potential customers are in order to target them with ads that are attractive to them and encourage them to take some action that suits you.

3.- You are not segmenting the market correctly.

Continuing with the previous point, if you do not know your target or yourbuyer persona, it will be practically impossible for you to make a good segmentation in Facebook ads.

This is a shame because this is one of the most efficient functions that the platform has, its ability to segment the people who see youradsby interests, income range, hobbies, level of schooling, geographical area radius, among others.

This is extremely useful because you basically fill out the profile of your ideal customer and Facebook will show the ad to them, who should be interested if you did the rest of the job right.

4.- The content is not adequate.

Thecontenthas to be of quality. It does not matter that you are investing an exorbitant amount of money, if the way in which you made the ad is not optimal, most likely, instead of reaching many people positively and achieving conversions, you will reach a good number of people, but negatively. because you exposed yourself without first analyzing the quality of the content.

The image must be of good quality, there must be no spelling errors, the language must be correct (taking into account the tone and voice of the brand) and the ad format must be ideal for the type of audience.

For some, images work better, in other cases videos, gifs, presentations, etc. Facebook has a wide range of ad types and the way to know if they work for you or not is by knowing your audience, testing and measuring.

5.- False expectations.

You may believe that your ad is not working because it has been 3 days since you uploaded the ad and you have only received a few leads. However, expectations must be aligned with reality, you cannot pretend that due to an ad on Facebook, your business sales will skyrocket by 50%.

To know if an ad is working or not, you must take into account the statistics that Facebook offers you – which are very broad – and the conversions that the ad has generated.

In addition, you cannot leave all the responsibility to the ads, you need to applyeffective strategiesso that your presence on the platform does not go unnoticed.

6.- You do not have clear objectives.

This point is vital, because from there will come the type of ad you will use and each of the elements that need to be taken into account in order for the established objective to be met.

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