Why Chiropractors Are Adopting Specialized Software for Their Offices


It’s no secret that software makes health provider offices run smoother. They all have some form of software and chiropractors are no exception. Now, specialized chiropractor software is simplifying life for chiropractors across the healthcare landscape.

Rather than using healthcare software and adapting to the general software, chiropractors are using chiropractor software made specifically to manage their caseload. This chiropractor software keeps things clean, simple, and efficient. Here’s why they love it.

Patient Intake

Chiropractors love this simple new chiropractor software because it makes things easy to manage. They can find a detailed patient history, insurance, and demographic information all in one easy to access area. There is plenty of white area on the screen and no need for confusing extra steps to find what they need.


Chiropractic SOAP notes are easy to find, and the template is complete with a numbered pain score and frequency level. All the SOAP notes areas are clearly labeled in the template which also displays the patient temperature, weight, blood pressure and other relevant information. ICD9 codes for each individual patient can also be seen from this screen making this chiropractor software an easy favorite.


Patient billing records are easy to access without the need for unnecessary steps. The screen displays charges and payment history by individual visits and this chiropractor software allows health providers to insert notes into any screen. ICD9 codes for billing are displayed in the SOAP notes so they’re easy to find. The screens are clear and easy to read allowing chiropractors to enjoy the speed they’re used to operating in.


This chiropractor software offers easy excel type color shaded schedules for quick, simple reference. There’s no accidental double booking. Administrative staff need only to fill in the drop-down menus which load quickly to accept the information and fill the schedule. Health providers love how simple and efficient this chiropractor software is. They can easily look back to see how many times a patient has been in and see the chief complaint on each of those visits.


Reporting is made easy with this chiropractor software. It’s easy to change the dates for custom reporting and to see how many claims were submitted in any given period. This chiropractor software is clean, user-friendly, and compliant on all levels. Using this chiropractor software means chiropractors and their notes are Medicare, PCI, and HIPAA compliant. The SOAP notes template ensures compliance for Medicare and other insurance companies, so claims aren’t denied.

Professional, Efficient Chiropractor Software

Chiropractors love this chiropractor software because it makes everything simple and efficient, like they love to operate. If there’s an audit, they’re ready. They can run multiple types of reports to ensure their business is running smoothly and returning a profit. The SOAP notes template is already incorporated so all they need to do is fill in the blanks. Patient demographics, scheduling, notes, billing, and compliance is all accounted for. This chiropractor software offers a smooth easy transition into the digitized world of medical charting and chiropractors love it.

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