Windows 10 Password Hack

Technology has put a strong hold that we cannot even imagine our lives without technology. With the use of technology, we feel very much secured about our sensitive data be it of personal use or office use. Every system we use either at the office or home is secured by a password set by us. The reason behind that is we don’t want anyone else to get access to our data. But imagine a situation where you forget your windows 10 password or someone who knew your password has changed it for fun. What will you do in such a situation especially when it is very much urgent for you and the person who has changed it is busy in the office meeting. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.
This article will talk about some of the possible ways by which you can hack Windows 10 passwords for your own good. Let us see what you can do to hack the password.

Method one

The first method by which you can enter into the secured windows 10 system is by entering into the bios setup. While doing this you need to change the preferences to boot from CD/DVD. After this you need to follow this in order; click repair your computer- select troubleshoot option- go to advanced options- select command prompt.
Once you click command prompt, in the next step you have to do is copy the command prompt executable over on-screen keyboard executable. Then reboot the PC. After doing PC reboot you will see the login screen and what you have to do is click on the on-screen keyboard. As soon as you will click, the administrator mode command prompt will open. Here is the final step, select the account name by using the syntax “net user account-name” (in place of account name you need to enter any name of your choice. Suppose you want ABC as name, so syntax would read net user ABC). After writing syntax hit enter and set the password as per your preference.
NOTE- While hacking you won’t be able to recover the old password, what you can do is set a new one.

Method two

This method is known to be one of the simplest ways to get the administrator password in a PC with Windows 10. In this method, you need to use 4WinKey. Take this step by step approach to recover the password.

Install 4WinKey

First, you have to do is download and install 4WinKey on any PC. One downloaded, start the software and select a boot media that could be a CD/DVD or USB. Burn it into the bootable media so that it could be used in the locked computer.

Use bootable media

  • Now you’ve got the key to enter locked PC with Windows 10. Insert the bootable media in the PC you want to open and reboot it.
  • You have to enter the boot menu in the BIOS setup while PC reboots.
  • There you will see the option “boot device priority” that you have to change it according to your bootable media i.e. USB drive or CD/DVD.
  • Once it is done, restart the PC, it will ask you to select the Windows operating system. After selecting move forward by clicking the ‘Next’ button.
  • Now you will see user accounts present in the system, select the one you want to open and click ‘Next’.
    It will remove the password of your system and you need to reboot it again to use the PC. You can again set the new password according to your choice.

Method three

This method is also very simple but will only work for you if your Microsoft account is linked to your PC. If it is so, then congratulations you don’t have much to do. Just follow the instructions given below and you’re done:
Open Microsoft recover page and enter the username. It could be your mobile number, Skype name, or email address.
Follow the verification steps that ask the last digits of your mobile number and a verification code sent to that number.
As soon as you will enter the verification code, you will be directed to the password recovery page. Set the password you can easily remember and login to your PC with that password.

These are some of the easy and reliable methods by which you can enter into a locked PC with Windows 10. They are many other ways by which you can achieve this goal but these mentioned above are the simplest and fastest ones to try.

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