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There are two types of people who love to watch movies. The first ones are those who love to add the movie they love in their collection by downloading and others just want to watch it not store it. Watching movies or TV series is one of the best ways to cheer yourself up when you are stressed or getting bored. In this digital era, it is not so difficult to find a movie on the internet you want to watch. All you have to do is write the movie or TV show’s name in the search bar and press enter. You’ll have numerous results to choose from. But, if you open a particular movie streaming website then you’ll get a lot of other movie options apart from the one you want to watch.

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This article will talk about one of the best online movie streaming websites that you can use. We are talking about Yes Movies, most of us might be aware of it and most of us might not. Those who don’t know, need not worry, we will try to cover as much as possible about this website.

What is Yes Movies?

It is a type of online movie streaming website which offers large numbers of movies and TV series. Yes Movies is completely free to use website that you can surf for watching your favorite movies. This website is very much popular among users as it not only streams new movies but old movies as well. It is also very easy to use, you just have to enter the site and write the name of the movie you want to watch in the search bar. Then press enter and you’re done. Your favorite movie is all in the front for you to stream & watch it online.

Why Yes Movies?

‘Why’ is a big question whenever you want to do anything or use any service. It is good to ask this question because it will let you know about the insights of the service you want to take. Let us see why you should use Yes Movies. There are a lot of positives associated with this website.

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  • First and foremost is that Yes Movies is a completely free online streaming website. You can stream unlimited movies online without paying even a single penny.
  • It offers a huge list of both new and old movies for its users to select. You can stream anyone you like in great video quality. Most of the movies available on this website can be streamed in HD quality. This means with Yes Movies you will have a great movie-watching experience.
  • This online streaming website is also admired for having a superb user interface. It allows you to filter movies based on their names & genres. This helps users to easily find what they wish to watch.
  • It also shows the rating of each movie to give you an idea about how the movie is.
  • After sign up, you will also be notified about the latest updates and releases so you can always stay updated.

Security concerns

Most people who stream movies and TV shows online have a concern that is it safe to use this site. If we talk in a broader sense, then it is illegal to stream any copyrighted content on a third-party website without their permission. Yes indeed, most of the content present on Yes Movies is not legally authorized. Plus, the latest movies you will see on this website are of cam rips quality. This means that it has been recorded illegally from the theatre.

It is also true that large numbers of people have been using this website since long and have not complained about any legal issues in their reviews or comments. But safety is always better than cure, so you are advised not to sign up on any online streaming website. The reason for this is there could be a threat to your personal information and you might be hacked. For safer side, you can also use a VPN while watching movies online.


There is no doubt that Yes Movies is a very good online streaming website. You can stream thousands of old & new movies at this platform for free. Besides, you will also experience good video quality. It also lets users categorize movies according to the genre they want to watch. Plus, its interactive user-interface makes this site very much easy to navigate. Though there are question marks on legality, you can adopt a few measures to combat that as well including the use of VPN and using the site as a guest user only.

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