YouTube Marketing: best practices forever

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the best place for marketing in recent day. promotion of YouTube video is getting in high level like for sponsor contents, affiliate marketing, brand promotion, product promotion, lead generation.

YouTube is one of the best social media platform for promotion by Video. this is only one social media to share long video. We can use this place for all kind of promotion by the video has flows in high demand for marketing and product promotion.

Video is the best way to build the trust and authority for customer engagement. This is a way – we can get result in short time.
According to google search, one quarter of online user are spending around 10 hours per day in this social media platform. this is huge number of any user to spend off.

This social platform is accessed in 76 different country’s languages.

There have 55% marketers who are applying own marketing strategy by video content marketing. We can drive huge number of audiences for website by promoting YouTube video. This platform allows marketers to produce unique content to consume for user are able to share it.

More than 2.6 billion active members on this platform. that is the second largest search engine platform worldwide. we can follow up EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) SEO to engage more customers on this platform.

Let see some important features helps you to get marketing strategy for YouTube video promotion.

What Is The YouTube Channel?

YouTube Channel allows marketers to promote own video. By this way, you can start the promotion by video marketing.

Before, you have to create YouTube channel for upload video to show for YouTube users. YouTube have extensively own host. that allows for publisher to run google ads in video format.

It is a way to earn money from advertising. But before you have to get approved Google AdSense is the one of the highest earning CPC (cost per click) platform. You can see here more about how to get google AdSense approved account.

How to Create YouTube Channel?

It’s not hard! you can follow up the below steps to create your YouTube channel fast.

Step 1: Login YouTube through gmail account. you will see this result in showing image below.

After successful login, you can simply click on “create channel”. there will showed all information of YouTube channel related.

Step 2:Fill details for YouTube channel and provide best description for brand channel. You can simply upload brand image to show for all users.

Step 3:After complete all this steps, you can optimize title and description for SEO strategy of specific video content.

This is an important step to follow up for beginners YouTuber – who wants YouTube for promotion.

YouTube Marketing Brand Guideline

YouTube channel is an extension of brand. you can publish the brand base content for growing YouTube subscriber is important to see more views for each video you have uploaded on this channel.

Channel Name :You can add the brand name details on this section. Make sure it accurate information on over all video marketing.

Channel Icon :YouTube recommends uploading 800 (Width) * 800 (Height) square round image. you can upload brand icon for square fit image.

Channel description :You should provide more information in description details. this is important for SEO content and promotion. You can optimize the description fill for keyword ranking is also important factor for SEO.

Channel URL :Your channel may have able for custom URL. you can use this fill details according to title.

Channel Link :You can link your YouTube channel with others social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.


YouTube is one of the best marketing platform. there have variety of ways. we can promote YouTube video for branding promotion, lead generation strategy.

There has high demand for video marketing have many ways to earn more from video.

Many youtuber are making more from YouTube channel. This place has been industry for YouTubers. that we are already seeing today.
many small YouTuber are making small amount each day by YouTube channel.

There has available small story is best option to engage more new subscriber. so, it’s all depends on niche which content you promote on this place.

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