10 Best Superhero Shows on Amazon Prime

10 Best Superhero Shows on Amazon Prime

We entered 2024 after leaving behind what happened in 2020. It has been three years since Covid struck us, which led the country to call a lockdown over everywhere, which lasted longer than expected. However, people have found different ways to get occupied and explore their hobbies and passions.

Everyone had turned towards the entertainment industry to survive that lockdown. This benefited most from the OTT platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon prime, etc. The craze of web shows/series, dramas, movies, and short films began then and has not stopped. The citizens are still very much connected to OTT platforms like Amazon prime and are engaged in watching movies and dramas. Here are some suggestions for web show lovers and series freaks.

What is Amazon Prime, and How to access it?

Amazon prime is another software app generated under the main Amazon app. It is an OTT (over-the-top) platform, an app that streams web series, dramas, and movies meant for OTT. The app provides its users various genres in every category (web series/movies/serials/short films). News, sports, and Bollywood media are also available on the app. This was a short description of the app.

The next question is how to access it. You can not watch anything for free on Amazon prime. You have to buy a membership on the app, which allows you to watch whatever you want. The first rule is that the individual should be above 18. Then you can buy its membership which charges 1499 INR per year for one account. After you pay the desired amount to buy the “prime membership,” you can enjoy binge-watching on your device (cell phone, laptop, tab, smart TV)

Now that we have discussed the app and its accessibility, one needs to know the best things one can watch there. Nowadays, the gen z population is most interested in animation, sci-fi thrillers, and fiction. Superhero movies attract them the most. Most people choose sci-fi and animation over romantic or melodrama. Horror also holds an amount of captivity, but again, it comes under fiction and animation.

Superhero shows on Prime Video 2024

    • The Boys
    • The Tick
    • The Flash
    • Batman
    • Gotham
    • Gen V
    • Arrow
    • Watchmen
    • Peacemaker
    • Doom Patrol
    • Teen Titans
    • Heroes

Most of the superhero movies originate from Marvel and DC. So, here are the top 10 shows one can enjoy watching on Amazon prime and not regret:

  1. “Wonder woman” – Two parts

Although we are talking about a superhero, the wonder “woman” leaves no chance for anyone to complain that the movie was not heroic. Wonder woman is a fictional story with a heroic character named “Gal Gadot.” DC studios and DC comics produce the movie. The movie is about a lady who earlier was just a princess in the Amazons but later decides to fight a war in the outside world to protect the world, and in the meantime, she discovers her superpowers. Later her action-packed performance can be seen, and the amazing VFX is also fascinating. There are two parts to the movie.

  1. Superman

Superman again is a movie produced by the DC entertainment series. Carl Joseph Kent plays the main character of superman. Superman is a supernatural being out of Earth who turns out to be the savior of Earth against the villains with his superpowers.

  1. Doctor Strange – A multiverse of madness

The movie is produced under the banner of Marvel Cinematic Universe starring Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the character of Doctor Strange, who has got supernatural powers to time travel. In the movie, he joins hands with a teenage girl to travel to multiple universes to clear the odds.

  1. Batman

The first batman was just a comic figure created into a character and published in DC comics. Batman has no superpowers, but his intellect, strength, and determination are his only powers. With this, he explores the city of Gotham to solve the puzzled clues of the villainous sadistic killer.

  1. Avengers – Endgame

After the release of Avengers- infinity war, people had been waiting desperately for the next part, “endgame.” Marvel studios’ Avengers series does not just have one superhero; it is a collection of superheroes who fight together to save the world. The endgame movie depicts the last war against the greatest villain of all time who wants to clear out half of the world.

  1. Spiderman – No way home

Another masterpiece by Marvel studios starring Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch, along with some other great actors whose identities should be a secret so that it does not become a spoiler. This movie talks about the teenage boy Peter Parker who has web powers and the flexibility of spiders. In the film, his identity is revealed, and he has to fight with his superpower to normalize things.

  1. Iron man – 3 parts

Iron man is a superhero movie whose first part was released in 2008, and its popularity peaked when it stretched to the third part, which was released in 2013. Iron man’s character is played by Robert Downey Jr, whose name in the movie was Tony stark. Due to a medical condition, he now survives with a heart made of metal, and with an iron suit and the help of technology, he can do all the superhero things which have superpowers. Unfortunately, marvel ended the character in Avengers endgame, but as per the reports, he is all set to come back in 2024. The love for the character is very much who is a millionaire, genius, superhero, philanthropist and can save the entire world from any enemy.

  1. Black panther – 2 parts

Marvel Studios Black Panther starring Chadwick Boseman, KS a movie based on the main character’s superpowers. There is a whole different planet out in the universe called Wakanda, enriched with Vibranium and also the cause that other enemies attacked Wakanda for its precious mineral. After the death of the main lead Chadwick Boseman, another version of Black Panther Wakanda forever was released without him to pay tribute to his memory and his superhero fame.

  1. The Incredibles – Two parts

The Incredibles, made by Walt Disney studios, is an animated superhero film describing an entire family with superpowers, hiding them and saving the city simultaneously. Unfortunately, the city government is not ready to accept superheroes, and these incredible’s family fights against the hidden villain to regain their identity in the city. It has two parts, and both of them are equally thrilling and filled with suspense.

10. Thor – Love and Thunder

This latest movie by Marvel studios starring Chris Hemsworth was released on 6th July 2022. This is the most recent part of the movie about the superhero Thor (the god of lighting), who is the son of Odin. There is an entire world out of Earth where Thor’s journey begins. Later he travels to Earth and other galaxies to fight enemies and obstacles who can destroy humanity. He has also been seen in Avengers all the series. This latest movie describes his complications and his facing interventions by the god of a butcher.


Here we come to an end of listing out the best movies/shows to watch on Amazon prime with membership and some for free. The movies put up a great show of VFX and action, and animation. The sci-fi logic used in movies attracts people more. These were some of the must-watch shows which are considered the best around the world.

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