How a Digital Marketing Agency Can Help Revolutionize Your 2020 Campaign

How a Digital Marketing Agency Can Help Revolutionize Your 2020 Campaign

Saying that technology has dramatically changed how businesses operate today is an understatement. Today, businesses, regardless of size, must keep abreast of the innovations or they would lag behind the competition.

Speaking of taking advantage of these technological changes, a digital marketing agency in the Philippines might be all you need to capture your deserved share of the digital market. Here’s how the agency may be of help to take your 2020 campaign a notch higher.

Develop a video marketing campaign

Videos are the most consumed content format today. And, the popularity of videos is expected to grow even bigger in the years to come since it is relative to the growth of mobile devices usage.

An agency helps in integrating video into the overall digital marketing campaign and capitalize on the high demand for video content. This is especially true for learning more about a new product or service wherein 68% of online users prefer to learn the information through a video.

Video marketing does not mean creating a YouTube channel alone. Facebook and Instagram are your other choices. You may post YouTube videos on Facebook, but native videos or videos published on Facebook directly receive higher impression share and engagement rates.

Further along, the agency also knows how to harness the power of video for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. Google tends to rank websites with videos by 53x higher than those sites without.

Integrate a visual search strategy

Storytelling is also possible through visual content. Visuals can lead to various micro-moments that boost profitability in the process.

For instance, Google is amplifying its visual search feature wherein users may upload an image and conduct a search about it. The results are more personalized and targeted. This is important for the e-commerce industry as any device’s camera is now transformed into a search bar.

In this day and age whereby convenience is exemplified by scanning a QR code, visual search capabilities as well as appearing on visual results would set a circumspect company from a mediocre one.

An Digital Marketing agency can help you with building a strategy that drives the ROI, whether it’d be through shoppable posts or infographic distribution.

Build immersive user experiences

Although this may be considered a part of the content strategy, if the goal is building UX that is both interactive and immersive, then the brand needs to create a new set of content for this purpose.

Immersive technologies give birth to 360-degree video content that allows the user to see the details of the product, place, or scene. Augmented reality (AR), for example, enhances consumer experiences that also bolster sales in the process.

Now you may see if the aviator sunglasses complement your face, the lipstick shade perfectly blends with your skin tone or the tabletop would look on your living room. Quizzes and polls are other examples of interactive content worth exploring.

That is, the agency can help curate the right content mix for your brand that highlights the UX. These are the shareable content type that cuts through the digital noise while giving the brand the edge it needs.

Implement hyper-targeted advertising

Digital ads, like the traditional ads, are used for marketing the products and services. However, pop-ups tend to irate people and end up hating the product and staying away from the brand.

Irrelevant ads are what they are—irrelevant. However, ads are still crucial for most digital marketing campaigns, particularly those that are starting and needing to create awareness.

Digital marketing agencies are aware of the choices of advertising platforms and channels that the average brand may not even know existed. Great examples are pay-per-click (PPC), in-app advertisement, social (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) advertising network as sponsored posts, among others.

Programmatic advertising is the leading technology today. It involves ad buying automation and real-time bidding. For one, smart bidding is the norm now at Google Ads. While the concepts are technical and why an agency can certainly help, the acquisition costs of using such technology are lower. However, the conversions are higher and the process, more efficient and faster than the traditional advertising model.

Incorporate chatbot capabilities

The digital world never sleeps, and the so website must be handled 24/7. This is where the role of chatbots becomes essential.

Chatbots, which act as the business’s customer service, interact with the customers and visitors, answering their questions in real-time and helping them find what they are looking for. These are the three key features of the technology that aligns with the needs of the visitors: 24 hours service availability, prompt responses to product and service inquiries, and real-time answers to questions.

Bottom-line, the AI-based technology powers 80% of the websites today and would increase significantly in 2020 and beyond. The website owner can, therefore, focus on more important tasks instead of answering repetitive questions, for instance.

Hiring individuals to manage this part of the business can be expensive, but may be required for a social media marketing strategy since it involves building a community around the brand. Thus, a personal touch, one that chatbots cannot necessarily offer, is needed. It really depends on your needs as a digital business, and where an agency may also help in figuring out.

Revolutionizing your 2020 campaign by leveraging its expertise, resources, and cutting-edge strategies. Here’s how:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Innovative Campaign Ideas
  • Multichannel Approach
  • Advanced Targeting and Personalization
  • Performance Tracking and Optimization
  • Adaptability and Agility
  • Expertise and Industry Insights

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