10 Companies Using MongoDB As Their Preferred Database

10 MongoDB Companies

An open source, non-relational database combining three key qualities: scalable, schemaless, and queryable represents MongoDB. It contains native drivers for every major language and a small but rapidly growing community.

The initial design trades off a few traditional features of databases to achieve better performance. You can compare it to CouchDB for its JSON document-oriented approach, however it has better querying capabilities where you can do dynamic queries without pre-generating expensive views.

Here are 10 companies who have experienced the power of MongoDB for their websites.

EA Sports

Developed by Spearhead, EA’s leading development studios among others, the game FIFA needed to scale to millions of players. Spearhead studios built the game to run on MongoDB, running 250 MongoDB servers, spread across 80 shards.


With MongoDB, Adobe incorporated another option delivering horizontal scalability for a large number of concurrent writes and reads to keep pace with customers’ exponential surge in digital assets. MongoDB development services ensured ease of management to those who host their own instances of Experience Manager.


As a part of initial agreement with SAP, MongoDB was used for collaborative decision making, data archiving and retention management in a multi-tenant and secure environment. It will used as the document store for SAP’s on-demand applications which will in turn deliver lower cost of ownership and increased establishment.


Royal Bank of Scotland used MongoDB in order to build an enterprise data service which supports several core trading systems of the bank. The team at RBS are changing the way traditional banks handle data management.

UPS i-parcel

With the aim to innovate and adapt the service, the team at UPS i-parcel rebuilt its operations platform on MongoDB. By migrating away from a relational database, UPS i-parcel managed to improve the pace of development and reduced response time on its web and mobile properties by up to 90 percent.


Being one of the biggest insurance companies in the world, the data AXA collects is used to help to do three things for its customers: Prevent, Assist and Personalize. The project was powered by MongoDB, and the developers at AXA took advantage of the database’s flexible architecture evolving their agile methodology.


MongoDB simplified the solution architecture of DHL compared with conventional technologies. Additionally, the monitoring and alert mechanism built along with MongoDB Ops Manager resulted in a 30% reduction in overall effort for the ops team.


In order to replace three decades of relational databases in various use cases throughout the entire bank, Barclays built a Centre of Excellence for its non-relational database of choice, MongoDB.


MongoDB provided Shutterfly with an agile, high performance, scalable solution at a low cost. MongoDB works seamlessly with Shutterfly’s services-based architecture.


MongoDB’s querying and map reduce functionality provided a simpler, high performance solution compared to the complex Hadoop deployment.


It took a while for MongoDB to catch the wind. In the last few years the popularity and demand for MongoDB database has increased exponentially. MongoDB development services are caught in rapids and the competition is breakneck.


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