10 Pro Tips For Playing Rogue Company

10 Pro Tips For Playing Rogue Company

It’s no secret that the level of competition in Rogue Company can be a little tricky. It comes with some learning curves that players have to get used to. The game has unique mechanics that can confuse even the genre fans. During the game, players embark on different modes, different weapons and use varied Rogue Company cheatsto dominate the enemies.

Regardless of how familiar you are with the objective-based shooter, in Rogue Company, several things keep even the most skilled players on their toes. These pro tips will not only make your first games less confusing but also make you top the scoreboard within no time. Let’s take this ride together.

10 Pro Tips for Playing Rogue Company

Be Familiar With The Maps

When playing Rogue Company, map awareness controls the match. Knowing the ins and outs of the maps gets you aware of shortcuts of useful points for attacks.

Considering that squads can change spawn points during a match, in as much as a team may not be aware of the new spot, they’ll at least be aware of the previous spot. As such, they can assume the enemy will use the previous spot and strategize on how to conduct a raid.

Communication Is Everything

A simple shoot-out can make a big difference in determining your win rate. If you want to dominate your enemies and increase your win rate, then be sure of game communications.

Calling out your opponents’ hide-out, their movements, and discussing the game plan with your team is will ultimately secure you plenty of victory in the Rogue Company. So, just put on those mics and let your voice make the difference.

Use Cover To Your Advantage

Rogue Company’s camera switch controls allow players to change camera angles to get a favorable view of a target. Use this to your advantage and punish those that you find exposed. There are a high number of players that run out into the open and you should that to advantage your team.

As you do this, ensure you take a low profile thus making it harder to get hit. If you, unfortunately, get downed by an enemy, the cover you were using will make your revival much easier.

You can also use covers for your map routes whereby instead of sprinting around a corridor, you can dodge from cover to cover. As such, you’ll be able to survey your surrounding while keeping yourself safe.

Don’t Instantly Eliminate Downed Enemies

It might be tempting to instantly kill a downed enemy but don’t. Instead, use them as bait to lure your opponents from their hideouts. While in that downed state, wait for your enemy to start a revival animation then surprise them with explosives and bullets to secure more kills.

Spend Your Money Wisely

With Rogue Company, you’ve to assess the situation before spending your bucks. At the beginning of every round, you’ll be able to spend your cash on weapons, upgrades, and perks. However, the amount of money you can spend will depend on your performance in the previous round. As such, aim at garnering as much elimination as possible. Some upgrades will also be very costly and so it’s prudent to equip your Rogue with game explosives and perks instead.

Stick With One Rogue

Though it will be tempting to try different rogues after the first few games, this can make it hard to understand the mechanics. I recommend Dima for a start due to its user-friendliness. After understanding how the game works, you can then consider switching it up.

Stay With The Pack

For you to make it in the Rogue Company, you must stick with your teammates. If you go off as a lone wolf, there are high chances of you continuously dying which ultimately wastes the lives of your teammates.

Reload Away From The Fight

Just like any multiplayer shooter, reloading during a Rogue Company fight allows your enemies to fire at you. So, if you have to reload, first take cover before doing it. This also helps you to reassess your counter-attack or make an escape.

Build Perks To Develop Play Styles

Understanding how Perks interact with characters will dictate a Rogue’s play style.

Maximize Advanced Movement Controls

Unlike other multiplayer shooters, Rogue Company has more controls. Capitalize on your extra ability to dodge roll or even switch your camera to maximize your chances in a gunfight. Never just remain stationary whenever in an engagement-a Rogue who stays put dies.

The Bottom Line

Luckily, becoming the best Rogue in Rogue Company isn’t as hard as many have been made to believe. All you need is your wits to get all vital eliminations between the attacking and defending objectives. Also, Rogue Company hackson Battlelog’s website can’t be overlooked by anyone who wants to increase their win rate in this third-person multiplayer shooter.

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