12 digital marketing techniques that (in theory) will devastate in 2020

As every year, the network is filled with gurus sharpening their senses before the most innovative methods to apply to achieve visibility and sales. Talking aboutdigital marketing in 2020,today is like referring to the elixir of eternal youth centuries ago. If you want to know what are the latest news in this cutting-edge area of ​​that 2020, read on.

Would you like to implement thesedigital marketing techniques for SMEs? perhaps you have come to the right place.

A digital marketing agencylike oursalways cares about new techniques that hit the market to wipe out. For two reasons.

The first because our clients never have big marketing budgets and we have to strive for efficiency, and use new techniques that allow us to go one step further and be competitive, ahead of the competition. And the second and most important reason, becauseeach SERSEO consultanthas a ”growthacker” in their genetic code🙂

But let’s take into account some previous indications before:

  • We witness a saturation of product without differentiation. What does this fact imply? Well, we can find the same product in different spaces or channels. This situation induces us to develop a strategy capable of differentiating ourselves through agood brand experience.
  • On the other hand, more and more we are going to evolve towardsvideo content. New formats such as the ”YouTube Bump” can greatly improve a company’s brand and attract traffic to qualify later in the sales tunnel.
  • In addition,native advertising willbe promoted , allowing greater interaction and user experience between brands and potential customers.
  • Likewise,influence marketing willemerge through microinfluencers. And we are very happy about that. We were tired of the typical “influencers” with thousands of “bought” followers who deceived advertisers. For years our company has been looking for small thematic “microinfluencers”. More economical and effective.
  • All of this advertising and underlying content will be better aligned within context marketing that fits perfectly with our customer qualification method.

Let’s get down to business. In this case, we are going to stop at those techniques that will emerge this incipient 2020. Next, we delve into the techniques that will come this 2020 to stay (in theory :-).

1. Artificial intelligence allies with marketers

It is undeniable thatartificial intelligenceis one of the main protagonists of 2020. According to the Gartner agency, more than 25% of customer service will benefit from this technology.

Thanks to it, we begin to see very interesting models and solutions, such asaudience segmentation,time savingsandoptimization of resources.

Thus, automation, personalization and optimization of the communication flow and brand impact will be promoted. These practices, known for years, but now supported by new technological solutions, will be integrated into any e-commerce strategy in 2020.

This AI is beginning to be seen in some lead capture systems and chatbots, but sincerely it is being more profitable in the elaboration of audiences and audiences from the data mining of large companies. Let’s trust the Facebook and Google audiences that automatically create.

2. A decisive moment for SMEs

Do you manage the online marketing of an SME? Adigital marketingagencyfor SMEswill be the key to your campaigns. Thus, they will help you enhance aspects such as social networks or SEO.

SMEs will advocate for smallerniche markets. Being a smaller segment, the investment will be less, but customer loyalty and engagement will be much higher.

The paths you have to take as an SME go towards segmentation in social networks, personalization of messages and the choice of a small number of communication channels to fully dominate them.

3. The settlement of programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising refers to advertising in which you buy audiences instead of spaces. As an advertiser,you choose the audienceyou want to target, taking into account multiple details of their profile such as likes, demographics or connections.

Thus, this type of advertising will spread across platforms, since most companies are increasingly using this technology for real-time decision making. They will do this taking into account the advertisement they want to deliver to their clients.

4. Marketing customization: customer-centric culture

If you are a marketing professional you will be aware that, based on data, you can know what consumers think and want. This way, you will have to focus on collectingobservations, receivingfeedbackand analyzingdata.

In this sense, new marketing requires the maximum commitment of company managers to undertake the optimizations derived from a culture focused on the customer. We are witnessing a growingempowerment of the user.

5. Without an automation platform you will not advance

In this sense, the use ofcommunication on social networks(WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger) as instruments of attraction for the public that we will then qualify through a sales funnel. The CRM included inyour marketing automation platformwill appear as a complement to theemail marketingcampaignsthat will be in charge of qualifying your contact.

What do you think is intended with this? Neither more nor less than rushing the step between the interest and the desire of the customer in thecustomer journeyso that the purchase is faster and more satisfactory for all parties.

Likewise,e-mail marketing, messenger marketing and WhatsApp marketingwill complement each other in the process, and will also be adapted to the demands of users with greater interactivity.

6. Inbound marketing becomes more relevant in social media and Google Ads

Thestrategies of inbound marketingtake center stage. This way you will see how they are applied more in social media and Google Ads. Do you know what the key is? Segment the audience of your ads according to thephase of the funnelin which they are to provide each one what is most convenient for them. Being very clear about the design of your company’s sales tunnel, or at least for the main line of business, is a priority for this year. From your sales tunnel you can qualify your contacts to become customers.

7. Omnichannel Marketing Stomps

The various digital platforms that we use are increasingly interconnected. Furthermore, there is a technology on the horizon that can accentuate this change:5G.

This technology will allow you to work withconsiderably larger formats, both images and video, and evolve towards much more visual campaigns. At some point, email marketing integration will start to allow video integration as a standard.

8. The video takes on greater prominence

This unthinkable trend a few years ago has been enhanced thanks to the quality of the videos recorded with the mobile. Thecontent audiovisual and fastis key. It is created due to the great maturity that mobile first acquires for most of the companies in the market.

In this area,streamingis already an option that many companies are considering, since it provides the immediacy of the live show so highly valued by the consumer. An online session programmed as a webinar to explain to qualified contacts attracted in previous advertising campaigns, or to your YouTube channel subscribers can generate more sales for your company. These techniques, already used by youtuber and infoproduct sellers with success, will be extended this 2020 in specialized SMEs.

Furthermore, innovative formats such asvirtual or augmented realityincrease the possibilities for brands to interact with their potential customers, generating a great impact.

360-degree videos enable users to have an interactive experience, especially in e-commerce as a way to show the product from all possible angles.

9. Don’t leave mobile marketing aside

Smartphones have changed the way we experience technology. What has brought this new reality?It has fragmented the customer life cycleinto thousands of connections that are recorded in real time and from anywhere.

In this sense, the most important thing is that you improve readability, both in design and in the ability of the text to be read.

If your web presence is not focused on mobile, you are losing competitive advantage. If your company has a website from 2006 without updating, it is normal that you do not sell a pepper.

10. Positioning in the “voice search” and SmartHome smart assistants

Why? You ask. Because searches are becoming more specific and aimed at solving very defined needs. Imagine that a user searches Google for “women’s books”, the first results are those that return a list of women’s books.

It seems obvious, but it happens on very rare occasions. And what is more, the requirement does not end with “women’s books”, but goes further and is specified in searches such as “buying women’s books to read on the beach”. All this makes SEO become a broader discipline, and more emphasis has to be placed on a strategy of “meanings and general semantics” than keywords as they were until a few years ago.

Some studies conclude that voice searches will account for about 50% of searches performed.

For this reason, marketing professionals have to be prepared to produce different types of content for the public, with an eye on how they will search for it.

11. Take advantage of micro-moments to succeed

We continuously carry outspotsearches, something that Google refers to asmicro-moments. According to “Think With Google” data, when we need to find out something, 96% look for information on mobile.

Herein lies the importance of anticipating these queries in order to be present. This will provideadequate information at the right time. This is the first step for you to create a lasting relationship with the user.

12. Influencer Marketing Matures

Theinfluencer marketingwill continue to be strongly linked and rooted in the strategies of themarketers. It will, yes, on horseback of not a few changes. In this sense, we collect some trends so that you can apply them successfully:

  • Influencers will use their networks to expand their power of influence.
  • Managing relationships with influencers will be an inescapable part of marketing strategies for companies.
  • The collaboration between influencers and advertisers will win in good doses of trust, clarity and sincerity.
  • The influencer marketing will reach adulthood in 2020. How? It will gradually move away from the classic location of the product to reach out to campaigns of a strategic nature.

These are the trends and techniques that we envision for this 2020. And like everything in marketing, when you want to be well positioned and get the best results, you must getahead of the competition.

In short, the elixir of eternal youth that isdigital marketingwill experience a period of evolution and maturity that takes shape in these techniques where SMEs take center stage.

Online marketing techniques applied to them are the best bet you can make this 2020 for your company,and if it is LowCost much better. You dare?It is a challenge, but also a necessary evolutionary change.

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