How Industrial IoT Can Help Businesses

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we connect, monitor, control and retrieve data in buildings all over the world. IoT technology connects a range of services using potentially millions of sensors. This gives building owners control over services like electricity, heating, lighting, ventilation and a whole range of systems.

So, what role does the IoT play in an industrial setting? Industrial buildings and complexes utilise a whole range of services to keep operations running smoothly. It’s not just the normal systems like water, electricity, lighting and security systems, but also machinery and industrial equipment is now able to utilise the technology.

With the right type of IoT software, everything in an industrial setting can be controlled with ease. Here’s how industrial IoT helps business.

Improved Safety and Productivity

Imagine how much your productivity would increase if you could control multiple systems from one interface. Well, with IoT technology, it’s possible. The IoT delivers energy and resources where your controllers want it most. Picture a factory with several pieces of machinery. They’re all cogs in one big system, but imagine how much energy is lost through inefficiency? The IoT helps to combat that.

Safety also improves thanks to IoT, as you can monitor systems far more carefully, shut them off when necessary, and have an increased supervisory control.

Better Data Means Better Decisions

Industrial business managers are experiencing a change in the way things are done. Traditionally very manual industries, so many businesses are now becoming increasingly data-driven. The IoT can deliver all of the data you need to make the right decisions moving forward. It could be choosing a more efficient energy source, or even identifying production inefficiencies.

Data drives decision-making now, and with the right industrial IoT solutions, you can access the reporting you need to make better decisions.

Working with Both Legacy Systems and New IoT Systems

Making wholesale replacements to change your old legacy systems to IoT friendly ones is extremely costly. That’s why many companies like to make the change gradually. The same goes for production equipment, because not many companies can afford a complete overhaul straight away.

The beauty is, smart building software can work with legacy building management systems as well as new IoT systems, ensuring nothing is missed and all your operational data is collected effectively.

Monitor and Obtain Data from Remote and Mobile Assets

Businesses with remote assets, for example equipment at other worksites, or even mobile assets have always struggled to obtain the right data. IoT is cloud based, meaning information can be fed back to the controlling software no matter where the assets are located.

Rather than piecing together pieces of data from remote sites, and multiple locations, industrial IoT software gives users real-time monitoring and control capabilities.

Save Money on Data Analysts

If businesses currently spend money on data analysts to bring together all your relevant systems information, the IoT can be a huge money saver. Because IoT software is so user friendly, you can customise the reports you need and have information delivered in an easy-to-understand format.

With the right type of IoT software and systems, you can future-proof your business and watch productivity rise in the process.

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