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1337x Proxy

Torrent sites are booming nowadays, however, the crackdown is only getting more aggressive. I can remember a time when you could download torrent files without a care in the world. However, times have changed and strict regulations are in place.

With ever-increasing sanctions, torrenting sites like 1337x are taking a major hit by it.

1337x being a major cog in the torrenting system, avid torrenters are naturally looking for some sort of way to access the site.

Even though you might find multiple proxy and mirror sites for 1337x, not all of them are going to work. That is because many of them are filled with viruses or are unstable.

To mitigate this annoying issue, I have compiled an awesome list of working 1337x proxies that should help you bypass any restrictions.

If you are new to the torrenting world, then you might find torrent guide quite useful so make sure you check it out before you start torrenting.

Overview of 1337x

1337x is an awesome torrent site with an oddly peculiar name. The name is no gibberish, in fact, there is quite a bit of history and meaning behind it. 1337x is actually an acronym for “Leet”.

Now you might be wondering what in the hack is a “Leet”.

Well, it turns out “Leet” was a very popular tech jargon back in the 1980s, the golden days of computers. Back in the day software engineers and penetration testers often associated “Leet” with the word elite.

Now although this site has nothing to do with groundbreaking computing technology, it does offer some of the largest collection of direct and magnet links for all sorts of amazing torrent files from around the world.

Unlike being technically difficult like its name, the site is rather easy to operate. Even a newbie might feel comfortable downloading torrents from it. However, this does not mean that anyone can upload or download torrents from this site. In fact, you need to be a registered user to contribute to the site.

Censorship issues with 1337x

Although the site is not mainstream, it still has faced its fair share of copyright legalities. 1337x has received multiple for closure notices in the past, however, the direst of them occurred in 2016 when Google knocked 1337x along with other torrent sites out of its search results.

Naturally, this forced the site to switch to different domain names in order to evade blockades.

After ditching the official domain name, 1337x is operating under a new domain name of 1337x.to. However, despite this illusive tactic, the site is still blocked by multiple regions around the world. To name a few Russia, Australia, UK and even India has imposed strict sanctions on this site over digital piracy concerns.

1337x Proxy Servers

Geo restrictions are nothing new; in fact, new governmental regulations are only abusing what was left of the term “internet freedom”. Back in the day, you would simply tweak your IP address and would get access to all sorts of blocked contents; however, it is virtually unthinkable today.

With that said, the only free method of accessing geo-restricted sites like 1337x is to use a proxy site.

Now you might be asking yourself what even is a proxy site. Well, it is nothing more than an intermediary server.

Think of it like an agent handling all your requests.

When you connect to a proxy server, all of your requests will be handled by the proxy site leaving you out the way and under the radar of ISPs and governmental authorities.

However, these proxy sites are often left unused since most users confuse them with mere mirror sites. Instead of being a multi-site facilitator, 1337x mirror site is nothing more than a clone of the original site.

All in all, if you want to access 1337x, then it does not matter what tool you use be it a VPN, proxy or even a mirror site.

Unblock 1337x through Proxy & Mirror Sites

While VPN services are undoubtedly the best way to access blocked contents, there can be times when one might not want to cough up their hard-earned dollars. Fortunately, free solutions like 1337x proxy and mirror sites are perfect for people looking access-blocked sites for free.

However, one crucial thing to note with proxy and mirror sites is that they are not created with longevity in mind, therefore, a link that might work today might not work the same tomorrow.

Luckily, I have compiled a working list of both proxy and mirror sites that should help you get 1337x unblocked.

Proxy & Mirror Sites Status
Freeproxy.io Working
Sitenable.top Working
Freeanimesonline.com Working
Sitenable.pw Working
Sitenable.info Working
Sitenable.ch Working
Siteget.net Working
Sitenable.co Working
Filesdownloader.com Working
1337x.unblocked.lol Working
1337x.st Working
1337x.unblockall.org Working
1337x.unblocker.cc Working
x1337x.ws/ Working
1337x.unblocked.bet Working
1337x-to.prox.space Working
1337x.mrunlock.date Working
1337x.mrunlock.info Working
1337x.mrunlock.win Working
1337x.torrentzmirror.org Working
1337x.tormi.bid Working
1337x.mrunlock.bid Working
1337x.mrunlock.trade Working
1337x.proxme.download Working
1337x.lato.pw Working
1337x-to.uio.faith Working
1337x.unblocker.win Working
www.1337x.tv Working
1337x.unblocked.ms Working

Verify if 1337x is blocked in your region?

Torrent sites are always victimized by copyright trolls and regulatory authorities, therefore, it is no surprise that 1337x might be banned in your region. In order to save yourself the hassle, you can simply access it with any reputable web browser. Alternatively, you can also try it on a mobile device for quick results.

If you do not get any warning messages from your ISP then you are good to go.


However, if you are experiencing geo-restriction then you can simply bypass it with the above-mentioned proxies or even VPN for torrenting.

Why is 1337x blocked

Although still, an infant in the torrenting world 1337x has still made quite a name of its self. This is the reason why many countries have permanently imposed a ban on this site. After all, this is the least you can expect for distributing pirated contents.

With that said, the legal implication can only go so far as to block the suspected sites. However, with tools like VPN and above-mentioned proxies you can simply bypass the imposed restriction at your will.

1337x Proxy Reddit

As with any torrenting site, there are, always issues associated with it, whether it is geo locks or DMCA notices. After scouring through Reddit for some of the issues associated with 1337x, I found a Reddit thread, which stated lags and overall unresponsiveness of the site.

However, there were quite a few Reddit comments that I found useful.

Wrapping up

Torrent sites are cunning and despite the takedown attempts of regulatory authorities, they are still up and running. That is because there are tons of mirror and proxy sites of popular torrent sites for anyone to use. Similarly, 1337x has plenty of working proxy and mirror sites that should provide you unhindered access to the official site.

With that said 1337x proxy and mirror sites are subject to change due to legality issues, therefore their lifetime cannot be predicted. However, as of now all the links mentioned above are working just fine.

In case you experience any issue accessing proxy sites, you can always try a VPN.

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