5 Best Email Finder Services of 2019

5 Best Email Finder Services of 2019

Email finders basically help people to find email addresses allowing them to reach out to leads and introduce their company, products or services to the wide audience. All these things require high accuracy. An email hunter should be reasonably priced, provide salespeople with the required information, and must be easy to use.

But there are so many tools used to find emails that one can be confused about choosing the best one for the company. Here, we have provided 5 best email finder services of 2019 to choose among them.


This email hunter is very easy to use and comes with an inbuilt email verifier, email drip campaigns tool, and some other free tools. It allows finding prospective leads’ email addresses, putting them into mailing lists to get replies, and nurture leads automatically. Having such a tool, you can perform any search with the help of either the web application or the Chrome extension on any webpage.

The web application lets you search for single and bulk domain email addresses, you can search for people activating various filters, etc. And the activated Chrome extension on any website will provide a list of email addresses found on it. Quick, accurate, and easy-to-use. What else do you need?

2.Anymail finder

This service is used to verify the email addresses of employees at their companies. It uses several approaches to find emails and searches numerous web pages and performs direct service validation. It also provides the easy-to-use bulk search function that can process a huge list of names, job titles and domain of the company in very few hours.

It is used to find emails of leads and contacts at other companies. It also provides additional features to the users which include founding emails on webpages, common patterns to follow emails, the server that accepts emails, and email that is easily recognized by the server.


This service helps you find the email addresses in a few seconds and connect with people easily. It allows finding email addresses of people who you want to contact one by one or in bulk. It uses numerous signals to find the most probable email address of anyone in a few seconds. This service uses the most transparent methods to source the data. It collects the emails as you browse a website and helps collect emails. It is free and creates no hustle with ads or gimmicks. It can easily extract email addresses from pages as you visit them and the tool autosaves them all.

4.Ninja Outreach

It is a tool that helps businesses generate leads and find the customers with the help of prospecting and outreach in one single CRM. Its Google Chrome plugin allows you to do quick searches for leads efficiently. Its feature of finding the influencer acts as a useful option in promoting the businesses. It also allows automated email broadcasting, automated follow-ups, team collaboration, business lead generation, built-in email finder, outreach campaign tracking, and other additional features.

5.Get Prospect

It is a lead generation tool with an email finder. This email finder tool provides you with a list of leads containing the names, emails, position, and industry by selecting the necessary criteria for the search. This list can be shared with the team members easily to make them manage their work effectively and efficiently.

It is simple to find

Any email hunter is a useful tool for professionals. They help enlarge the audience and gain new clients. Simply choose the one that suits your needs and business; choose the one that is the best to your liking. Once the email finder is chosen, you need to use an email verifier to check if all the email addresses found are valid and you can safely send email drip campaigns to them.

Good luck to you!

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