We’ve put together a checklist of the top activities every brand should plan back from the holidays, to prepare for the new fall season with the right email marketing strategy.

September is a bit like January, it is a month that brings with it a load of new resolutions and goals to restart after the holidays with the proper planning and strategy.

In line with the proximity of one of the most profitable seasons of the year, with Halloween, Black Friday and the Christmas holidays, the need to recover from the “slow months” of summer with an effective and preparatory checklist is the common denominator that opens the month of September for all companies. And in the strategic plans planned for the fall, a strategy to make the most of the potential of the e-mail channel cannot be lacking.

Let’s see, then, summarized in 5 simple points the priority activities that cannot be missing in your email marketing strategy for the fall.

 1. Analyze past results to understand where to improve

“ Measure to improve ” is already a mantra on the MailUp blog. It is a concept that encompasses all the importance of analyzing the performance of the past in order to understand the metrics that must be controlled , the corrective measures, the aspects to improve and the new objectives that must be established for the fall season.

 How to do it ?

Statistical reports and email marketing audits

2. Do a review of your database

“ Success starts in the database ”. Another mantra that has always been implicit in MailUp’s information initiatives and support and consulting services. Although it is an activity that should be done periodically and not only in September, monitoring the status of the contacts in your database is particularly important at this time of year. If you want your campaigns for the upcoming holidays to be successful, you need to prepare ahead of time :

  • identifying inactive contacts by monitoring their engagement status
  • re-activating them with re-engagement campaigns and targeted, personalized and relevant recovery emails
  • favoring the cancellation of unrecoverable contacts to preserve your delivery capacity and keep your database healthy

How to do it ? 

With Platform Stats Area List Overview , Reports, and Engagement Filters to identify inactive contacts and segment your campaigns based on the responsiveness and engagement of your contacts.

3. Improve your deliverability

Boost your deliverability and sender reputation to ensure a great starting point for your fall campaigns. Without good deliverability, your emails won’t reach recipients’ inboxes and won’t be opened, and all your efforts to keep your database healthy and active will come to nothing. Deliverability is the tool from which all the effectiveness of your campaigns depends and on which it is advisable to always keep it under control, especially when one of the most decisive seasons for sales is approaching.

How to do it ?

  • with email authentication methods such as DKIM , DMARC, SPF and BIMI
  • with SMTP+ , which guarantees excellent deliverability
  • with the advanced tools and tailored advice of MailUp ‘s Deliverability Suite

4. Find out what your contacts like best with A/B testing

Find out what your contacts prefer to receive using A/B testing , one of the most effective email performance testing techniques ever. It is a very simple but extremely strategic method to test the different elements of a message : a CTA color, a certain text, the structure of the email, the visual elements, etc.

How to do it ?

Create multiple versions of your message by changing the subject line, call-to-action, images, or header. Establish a sample of recipients to whom to send the A/B test, in a percentage between 5 and 30% of your total subscribers. Set the success criteria (better open or click rate) and the duration of the trial.

With MailUp, you can also send the winning email of the A/B test to the rest of your recipients automatically , according to the final success criteria.

5. Give your campaigns a new look

And, once you have tested the CTA, the text, the structure and the elements of your messages thanks to your A/B tests, start putting these elements into practice by revolutionizing the design of your campaigns. Experiment with new templates , perhaps calling on MailUp’s help and expertise to request the creation of ad hoc, professional and optimized templates.

Having a tried-and-tested template, fully compliant with leading email design best practices , is an extra weapon to ensure the success of your fall campaigns and boost sales for the holidays ahead.

How to do it ?

With the BEE drag-and-drop editor integrated in the MailUp platform , which allows the creation of mobile-optimized email messages automatically, and with the assistance of the MailUp designer team and the Creativity Suite service , to have templates adaptive and offer good results.