5 Tips for your First Sales Funnel

For every modern business, marketing is of utmost importance. Without the proper marketing strategy, your business is likely to fail due to the absence of new customers. This makes it essential for every business to put time and effort into this mission and the best way to do this is to launch a sales funnel.

What is a sales funnel?

The simplest way to describe a sales funnel is a process or path that businesses take on the way to buying their products or services. One definition of sales funnel is also “the process that companies take to find, qualify, and sell its products to buyers.”

The typical sales funnel may be divided into multiple steps:

  • Awareness Phase
  • Interest Phase
  • Evaluation Phase
  • Decision Phase
  • Purchase Phase
  • Reevaluation Phase
  • Repurchase Phase

Now, here are the five tips you can follow to launch your first sales funnel.

Create a great landing page

The landing page of your website makes the first impression on target audiences. Therefore, make sure to create an impressive landing page to make sure that it looks great. Whether using a marketing software or not, a good landing page with relevant content and engaging design will encourage visitors to sign up for some sort of list or purchase products. Remember, a landing page is the most expensive real estate for your business growth so make sure it’s an impressive one.

Present a front-end offer

The next thing that matters for the success of your sales funnel is what they see when visiting your landing page. This is what makes it important to present your present potential customers with the opportunity to buy a product or procure your service. The landing page shall always be having some upsell offers so your visitors feel excited about your services and encouraged to “Contact Us” button. When preparing a front-end offer, make sure to keep in mind what customers need.

Follow up your free offer with emails

If you are just getting started into any business and need more sales and customers, make your first sale can be a hectic task. To achieve your goals, you want to compose a series of sales emails to promote your offers and products, after a potential customer has opted for your free offer. Through the emails, you can explain why your paid offer is valuable by outlining the problems your customers may be facing. Make sure to mention how your product can solve these problems. The goal shall be to get leads to click through to read more on your sales page.

Minimize friction in your sales process

One of the most important things about launching a successful sales funnel is to ensure your customers have a great experience on your website. Don’t let them keep wondering “what to do next?” as this may be a crucial reason for the failure of your marketing efforts. Make sure to minimize friction in your sales process. Keep things simple and effortless. Anything that adds friction to the sales process may be the reason for losing potential customers.

Don’t lose focus

This may seem quite obvious, but many businesses make the same mistake. Many businesses create an impressive sales funnel but fail due to a strong focus. Make sure to know your customers and what they are looking for. Knowing this will help ensure presenting only what they are looking for so the sales process is short and easy for the buyers or subscribers.

Following the above-mentioned pro tips may be a great support in building your sales funnel that has lasting and impressive results. However, it is also important to keep in mind that successful sale funnel solely depends on the sincere and analytical research of your sales history.

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