5 tips to be on Instagram, generate business and not waste time


That social networks are part of our life and that we use them more and more frequently. Not only to communicate or share moments, but to inform us about products and services in which we are interested, nobody disputes it. For this reason, it is good that when you open your business you also open your profile on social networks. Butdo you know how to take advantage of each one of them?

Today, from our experience working with SMEs for more than 25 years, we want to talk to you about Instagram and everything you must do to ensure that the company profile on this social network can bring traffic to your website and, therefore, generate sales.

Image comes first

Although today Instagram is something like a mixed bag. The truth is that this social network, used by around 15 million Spaniards, was born to share photographs with a certain professional level. Despite the fact that today its objective has changed a lot, its essence continues to preserve that taste for aesthetics and design with which it was born.

Remember that the visual part is one of the most important on Instagram. Therefore, you must take care of the images you upload. Spending time taking a good photo or investing in professionals who can take a battery of photographs that you can then upload depending on the needs of your company will be, without a doubt, a success.

After selecting the images, you only need to accompany them with an attractive copy or caption, sharing with your followers what you want to convey to them and you will have achieved the perfect post.

Plan your content

Once you know the air you want to give your Instagram profile and that you have the photographic material to do it, you must plan your content. Spend some time thinking about the messages you want to convey or what you want to offer to your audience.

Know in advance offers that you can make or days and special moments that are relevant to your business or sector in general. It will save you a lot of headaches and avoid that when you realize that what you should have published, you do it hastily, leaving aside the care of the image and the text.

To plan your publications, we advise you to schedule all events, offers and special days and then assign them a photo and a text that you will publish at the right time. Planning will help you control the image that you will project on your Instagram feed, being aware at all times what content you show and when you do it.

Promote your posts

Generating content and nurturing your Instagram profile is essential to keep it alive and reach more and more people. But, remember, the most effective way to grow your followers and convert them later intoyour brand’s prescribers; is promoting posts that take them to your website or online store.

So that the promotion of your post is effective and you can get the maximum profitability from it. You must know very well who your audience is and the objective of the campaign: recruitment, interaction, visits to your website …

Advertising on Instagram is cheap and, with little investment, you can reach a lot of people. Promote your publications, display your products or services by creating campaigns that generate traffic to your website, your online store to a contact form and attract new customers quickly, easily and very cheaply.

Although promotions are the best way to get new followers and, therefore, new customers. Don’t forget that one of the first things your audience will do is take a look at your profile, so you should alternate organic and promoted posts to achieve a balance between the two and thus gain the trust of your customers.

Be part of your clients’ lives: be active in Stories

Instagram Stories was born a few years ago with the intention of showing the most natural face of those people or businesses that are behind the profiles. This is content that you can generate immediately and that you can share, only, for 24 hours.

In the same way that we previously advised you to take care of the images that you upload to your profile, in Stories naturalness and spontaneity is what commands. You can use this platform tocapture the attention of your followers for 15 seconds, offering them exclusive content that shows how your products are made, shipments …

You can combine Instagram Stories with your publications in the feed and with your promotions to be, in one way or another, always active and visible on social networks and therefore, in the lives of your customers.

Don’t lose sight of your goals

The fact that your business has social networks generatesbrand identityand makes it easier for your customers to get to know you and contact you. Therefore, taking care of your identity on Instagram is very important. But do not forget what the objective of your business is and of all the platforms you use to make yourself known: to sell.

Don’t waste time trying to generate content. Nothing happens if you don’t post every day. It is preferable to share quality content more widely, than to publish photos or uninteresting content with which the only thing you will achieve is to bore your audience and lose your interest.

In short, bet on an Instagram profile in which your potential customerscan know your way of working and your products. Define your audience and promote posts that are of interest to your customers and with which they can directly access your online store, website or contact form. Only in this way will you be able toincrease your sales, gain notorietyand make the most of everything that social networks can do for your business.

If you need more advice and advice on creating advertising campaigns on Instagram or on how to build an identity in social networks according to your business, do not hesitate to consult your SERSEO advisor . We are looking forward to helping you grow your business!

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