5-Tips to Kick Start your Digital Marketing Career

Breaking into the domain of digital marketing isn’t difficult. Staying distinguished and ahead of the curve is. This niche segment is ever-evolving and constantly changing, which also makes it challenging, as well as a bit frightening. You can always enrol into a digital marketing course but it is the real-world exposure that is going to count and make the whole difference to your career. India happens to one of the largest and latest digital markets in the world and will produce more than 1 lakh digital marketing jobs in Chandigarh in the year 2020! So, exploit it while you can! To help you out, we bring you top 5-tips from industry experts and digital marketing entrepreneurs that can help you create a winning business strategy and carve a successful digital marketing career.

Not to be confused with being a Generalist, a T-shaped marketer has one specialised area but have a vast knowledge of the domain or industry he/she is into. You can’t rule out something as not your interest or not having to do anything with your field. Be it a non-marketing activity, or a hardcore digital marketing one, you can never predict when the boundaries blur, merge or overlap. It is about going into the depth of a field and when you have it, you can shift gears and gain a certain command, because nothing beats having knowledge and being a master of one’s field.

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The abilities and expertise of a T-shaped Marketer can be explained in three segments, which are:

  • Basic Knowledge (A general overall view)
  • Market-Specific Expertise (The segment you are working for)
  • Channel Expertise (The later stage of acquisition and customer-centric practices)
  • Build your Brand

Whether you are a content writer, an SEO executive or a marketing manager, having a visible and notable online presence can work wonders for you. Start a blog, launch a website or have something that you can claim as your own. Make your brand count when you appear for interviews and being asked to show some samples. A robust presence on the internet can be the key differentiator during the hiring and when deciding pay scale. A personal project would also offer ample opportunities for you to learn. You might make several mistakes, which later on can translate into an invaluable lesson for you.

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  • Stay Updated, Learn More and Network

Getting a degree doesn’t mean that the learning curve is over. You need to be on toes now and don’t pass any opportunity that comes in your way to acquire more ideas, inspiration and knowledge of your field. Attend as many workshops, conferences, seminars as you can. Listen to the podcasts, go to the lectures and read the case studies to know more. Having authority over the subject matter gives you extraordinary mileage. Hobnobbing with industry leaders, real-life entrepreneurs and experts can give you the exposure that no classroom training could get you.

  • Get Certified

There is no dearth of subject matter on the internet. You can find several experts talking about digital marketing and can be good at it. But honestly, a certification from a reputable digital marketing institute beats it any day. While real-world exposure is important, having a good grasp of basic tenets of digital marketing through classroom training carries its weight too. This is why the industry prefers a certified expert.

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  • Know your Customers

It ultimately boils down to the ROI; the conversion and sales your digital marketing expertise can get for the business. It can’t be done without knowing who you are selling to, what your targeted audience wantsand how can you trigger their purchasing behaviour. If you are preparing for a digital marketing career, knowing ‘how to make them buy more’ can make you big. You might want to improve your communication, your strategy and dive deeper into their buying personas.

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These tips are just the tip of the iceberg. Knowledge knows no bounds, however, if you follow these pointers, you are off to a great start! Develop your communication, network more and learn as you go! There are no shortcuts to success and a digital marketing career demands the best from you! Level up your skills, set realistic goals, track your progress and separate yourself from the pack.

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