5 Ways To Build Brand Relevance For Financial Services

Brand Relevance

The disruption in the financial sector has prompted several questions regarding sustainability and growth. More financial companies want to remain relevant and not be left behind. But, relevance is a function of effort and action.

Indeed, to remain relevant is to leverage technology for brand perception, trust, and accessibility. This post details some of the ways a financial services agency can build brand relevance to future-proof their business:

What Is Brand Relevance?

Brand relevance is the ability of a company, business, or organization to connect with its customers, clients, or target market emotionally and establish lasting relationships. It’s a business connection level that prompts customers to prefer and patronize one company from the other.

For financial services agencies, relevance means building brand trust to achieve clients’ financial needs. It’s like establishing a system of favoritism. When clients consider you a favorite brand, they become obsessed with your services and consistently do business with your agency.

Principles Of Brand Relevance

Build Brand Relevance For Financial Services
Build Brand Relevance For Financial Services

Brand relevance principles form the basis for building brand relevance. They’re the mindsets and ideologies that help build relevant brands. Here are the foremost principles you should know as a financial agency:

  • Obsession With Clients’ Needs: Building a relevant financial service brand requires focusing on customer needs. A lasting brand will be concerned about meeting crucial clients’ needs rather than just making money.
  • Action-Oriented: Relevant brands take actions that help them fulfill brand promise and serve clients effectively. After understanding what the market wants, they go all out to find gaps and fill them.
  • Endless Innovation: Innovation is the lifeline of every relevant brand. Building a relevant financial service brand requires a commitment to solution-oriented growth and purposeful innovation.

Ways To Build Brand Relevance

Here are sure-fire strategies that’ll help you build brand relevance as a financial service company:

  • Be Dependable For Results

It’s no news that clients don’t pay for products and services, but results. The ability to produce relevant results for clients is one of the top features of a relevant agency.

Therefore, to build brand relevance as a financial service company, you must ensure you understand the results your clients are seeking and are competent enough to help them achieve them. Brands that can be trusted and relied upon for timely and effective solutions often sustain their relevance for a long time.

  • Build Emotional Engagement

Through innovative actions and good customer experiences, financial service brands can improve their emotional connection with their customers, and gain an inherent advantage over other brands.

Client engagement has become paramount to the success of every brand. Beyond persuading clients to patronize their services, financial services companies must strive to make them feel emotionally connected with their brands.

One of the ways to achieve this is to communicate with them on common grounds. Brands that speak the language of their customers and relate with their touchpoints will successfully build emotional engagements that’ll boost interaction and strengthen trust.

  • Reassess Your Brand With The Future In Mind

Brand reassessment is an excellent way to position a financial service brand for relevance when conducted effectively. As brands exist daily, they age. It’s important to consider how your brand is aging.

Currently, baby boomers are aging out while the millennials are reaching their prime. In the next ten years, a large percentage of the world’s disposable income will be controlled by generations Y and Z. Will your company be able to connect with these prospective customers in the future?

Thus, reassessing your brand with the future in mind will help point out the various areas where innovation is required and aspects of the brand that must be overhauled to accommodate future customers.

  • Improve Your Digital User Experience

More customers are online now than they’ve ever been. There’s an increase in the rate of digital interactions occurring between businesses and consumers. This surge validates the need for financial service providers to improve the quality of experience their customers get when interacting with the brand digitally.

In other words, customers should find essential information about the brand on the website. The web design should also facilitate smooth navigation around it. A great and enjoyable digital user experience tells a lot about how you care for your customers and can endear them towards your brand.

  • Maximize Digital Tools For Enhancing Brand Relationship

A lot of customers spend time online. Leveraging digital channels to reach them online can help forge stronger relationships, enhance customer service experiences, and increase visibility.

As new digital media and technologies emerge, brands must seek ways to stay on top of the trend and explore different ways to connect with their audience. By doing so, they remain in sight and minds of their audience, and can gain more relevance.


Staying relevant in today’s marketplace isn’t an easy thing to do, considering the multitude of existing competitors. Nonetheless, financial service brands must continually strive to remain at the top of their customers’ minds. With the right strategies, they can build a brand that stands the test of time.

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