7 Top-most Chrome Extensions One Should Know

Google Chrome is a massively used web browser across the globe with great extension options. Its peak performance, clean interface and its easy syncing capabilities with mobile devices are what that make it a premier choice of internet users. The Chrome Web Store has plenty of extensions that are easy to add on Google Chrome which makes our lives easier. However, adding too many extensions can result in the sluggish performance of your browser. Therefore, make sure you add only selected Google Chrome extensions that you think will be useful.
Here are Top 7 most used Chrome extensions that every chrome user must know to make life easier:


AdBlock extension blocks the pop-ups or notifications of unwanted ads that come with websites that you visit. You may install this on your Chrome and view cleaner web-pages. You may review the number of ads block on each web page on the AdBlock button. You may also choose to unblock a page or the full website from AdBlock whenever required.


Nowadays. Chrome browser without Grammarly extension is considered to be incomplete. Users, especially writers, make use of this extension for assessing spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. As soon as you install Grammarly on Chrome, this extension is activated on any writing platform such as emails, social media or blogging sites. Additionally, it comes with a web editor in which you can copy or paste content from other applications to check its grammar.

3.Magic Actions for YouTube

Magic Actions for YouTube is a must-have extension for users who access most of the YouTube content on Chrome itself. This extension enables Auto HD resolution for YouTube videos along with an Auto wide Mode for viewing videos in the wider player mode. In addition, you may control the volume with the help of a mouse scroll, take screenshots of the playing video and access your watch history easily. Moreover, the Cinema Mode of the extension darkens the web browser background to highlight the video.


If you frequently like to save content for later, you should consider adding the Pocket extension to your Chrome. It requires creating an account which is absolutely free! When you sign in your account, you can easily save everything including articles, photos, or videos in one place. You may even access your saved items offline after you’ve downloaded them using WiFi. The Pocket extension is readily available for iOS, Android, and Mac users which enables the users to access the saved content on any device regardless of the operating system used.

5.Awesome Screenshot

This extension helps you to take a screenshot of the full web page and save it as an image for accessing it later or sharing it with others. In addition, Awesome Screenshot also enables blurring out of sensitive information or annotating on the screenshot. Moreover, you can also record your computer screen and save it as a video.

6.Infinity New Tab

If you’re bored of the plain white background of a new tab on Chrome, you may try using Infinity New Tab extension which adds a fascinating background to your new tab on Chrome. In addition, it also allows you to customize it according to your preference with the quick access buttons to your favorite websites. You can even give access to the extension to your Gmail account so that you’re notified of any new emails. You may also enjoy creating a to-do list and even have a notepad for penning down new ideas in your new browser tab.

7.Floating Player

The Floating Player extension allows the users to access any YouTube video in a floating window inside your Chrome or any other browser. You may even navigate to different tabs to continue browsing the internet while the video being played in the floating window. Floating Player also allows you to increase or decrease the size of the floating window and even play or pause the video when required.


Besides these 7 Chrome extensions, there are also several extensions that make our lives easier when working or browsing the internet. Some of these include Ghostery which allows the users to view the trackers used by each website and block them, LastPass that auto-fills the passwords for all accounts that you’ve saved on this extension, Click&Clean that allows you to clear your cache, URL searches, website cookies, and download history at one click of a button on your browser toolbar, Pinterest extension that allows you to save items easily onto your Pinterest boards without switching from what you’re doing currently, and the list goes on.
However, if Google Chrome is benefitting from the installation of these extensions, it is also suffering a slow performance while browsing. Make sure that the extensions you download are secure and download those which are actually required. There might be some extensions that are malicious, however, Chrome has imposed restrictions on extension developers to counter such problems in the future.

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