How to prevent mosquito bite

Every year dengue and malaria causes a very large number of deaths around the world. The reason for both the conditions is a mosquito. These conditions are fatal if proper treatment or care is not received. As we know that ‘prevention is better than cure’, and we must take preventive measures to avoid such deadly conditions. This post will talk about some ways by which you can prevent dengue & malaria.

Keep surroundings clean

The first and foremost point to consider is cleanliness. A simple way by which we can prevent mosquito bite is by keeping our surroundings clean. We must make sure that there no water that should be left unattended for many days whether it is in buckets or still water in the scrap. Water in the coolers also needs to be changed daily and if it is not possible then a few drops of essential oil of lemongrass or eucalyptus should be added. Many more alternatives for the oil are there that you can use according to your convenience.

Mosquito repellant

There are many chemical or natural mosquito repellants available in the market that you can choose. Many products that are specifically made for mosquitoes are also there. These repellants are applied to the clothes and are best to be used both indoors and outdoors. Electrically operated liquid refills are also good to opt for.

Wear proper clothes

It is always advisable to wear full sleeves clothes while going outside. Try to wear shoes or socks especially while playing in the garden. Color is also important; bugs generally get attracted to dark color clothes. So we suggest that you should wear light colors as much as possible.

Use ointments

Many pharmaceutical companies offer ointments that are applied directly to the skin. These ointments prevent bugs or mosquitoes to come near you. Using such ointments is also a good option to prevent mosquito bite.

Use mosquito net

As simple as that, if mosquito cannot come near you it won’t be able to bite. Another thing you can do is use mosquito net while sleeping. This net keeps mosquito away hence you can have a peaceful sleep. Special care should be taken for kids.

Mosquito killing racket

You can also buy a mosquito-killing racket so that single mosquito won’t be able to disturb you twice. Turn on the racket and go on fighting mode to kill these little beasts.

Stay indoors

This might sound a bit ridiculous that how someone can stay indoors just to prevent mosquito bite. You might be right on your part but, we are not saying you to stay indoors whole day and skip college or office. It’s just the peak times at which mosquitoes feed the most, dawn & dusk. It is advisable to hold back as much possible during these times of the day.

Window screens

Another important point one must consider to prevent mosquito bite is to keep the windows close. If you are worried about ventilation, then you should apply screens on the windows that will keep mosquitoes out.


Many people don’t prefer DEET for a variety of reasons, but this mosquito repellant does not show any adverse reactions. It can be applied to clothes or directly to the skin as well. DEET should not be used directly by spraying, it is advised to take a little volume in hands and rub gently as we apply the cream. Using DEET items like wristbands or anklets are not as effective as using DEET in the form of a spray.

Grow plants

You must be thinking that we have talked about mosquito bite prevention throughout the post and suddenly why the track has been changed. No, we are not changing the track. This is also a remedy that not only prevents mosquito bite but also will give an appealing look to your house or surroundings. What you can do is grow plants & flowers that repel mosquitoes. Some of the examples of such plants include basil, citronella, lemongrass, and lavender.

Mosquito spray

This should be done regularly. Either by government plan or by hiring private sprayers, insecticides must be sprayed in your garden periodically. This will drastically reduce the chances of mosquitoes in your garden or surroundings.

Avoid using fragrances

Yes, it is important to have a pleasing or decent smell while going to the office or even in parties. But, if you are very much annoyed with a large number of mosquitoes in your locality then you have to do it. Studies have shown that mosquitoes get more attracted to perfumes or scents. So avoiding the use of such products might somewhat reduce the chances of being kissed by mosquitoes.

These are the possible ways by which you can effectively reduce the chances of getting bitten by mosquitoes. There are many lotions, liquids, & ointments available that you can keep with you in the peak seasons. These medicinal products are very much helpful when you are outdoors. For indoors, you already have gone through the suggestions that very much effective. So be safe, be healthy, & be careful and adopt these measures to prevent getting diseased.

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