8 Killer SEO Tips That Actually Work in 2019

8 killer SEO tips

By now, the internet is saturated with SEO tips for businesses, but how many of those tips really work. In fact, as you go from article to article, you might notice that many of the tips are similar. If you really want to be effective in your business or law firm marketing efforts, it’s necessary to dig a little deeper. These SEO tips can help you get the results of a digital marketing pro.

SEO Bhubaneswarapplied these 8 killer SEO Tips and ranked many of their customer websites from scratch You should implement these tips to rank your website

Secure Your Site

In a world of data breaches, the security of your site can actually affect web traffic. Having that “HTTPS” in your web address will provide your visitors with more confidence, especially if you offer online ordering. Also, Google will rank secure sites higher, so securing your site can also help you rank toward the top in searches.

Feel the Need for Speed

The time it takes your website to load is another factor that Google takes into consideration in ranking search results. If it takes longer for your site to load, your site will appear lower in search results. The problems don’t end there. A site that takes more than a few seconds to load will chase away web visitors. This is known as your bounce rate and it will increase with a slower-loading website.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile Users

It has been a while since Google announced mobile accessibility would be a factor in how web pages would be ranked. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly and isn’t ranking high in search results, this may be why. The reason Google gives priority to mobile-friendly websites is that the majority of internet use is done via mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re likely losing a large portion of web traffic to your competitors.

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Check Your Backlinks

While it is important to link back to other websites in your blog posts, it’s equally important to consider the quality of those other sites. The crawlers used by search engines will analyze the quality of those other web pages and, if they determine the sites you’re linking to are spam, your site will suffer by association. Make sure you’re linking to high-quality sites and that will boost your own site’s integrity with the various search engines.

Spend More Time on Your Meta Descriptions

If an SEO expert has told you that meta descriptions don’t directly affect the ranking of your website, this is true. However, it can affect your click-through rate, which can, in turn, affect your ranking. The meta description is that snippet you see beneath your link and web address on a search results page. This tells users what they will find on your page, so taking the time to write an engaging and honest meta description is essential.

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Use Alt Tags on All Images

Here is another important feature that often gets overlooked. You should fill in as much image information as possible. Particularly, be sure to fill in the alt tags, which are single words or short phrases that describe the image. Think of them as keywords for your images. Just as a search engine crawler will scan your blog post for keyword phrases, it will also look for alt image tags. If your keywords and alt image tags are similar, this will help the search engine rank your site higher for relevant searches.

Optimize Each Page Separately

Many people write one page and use it as a template for each one of their site’s pages. While this may work for one of those pages, it’s not going to help you increase traffic to those other pages. This is especially critical for sites that include online stores. For instance, your women’s beauty products page should have different keyword phrases, meta descriptions, and image alt tags than a page featuring men’s hygiene products. Writing each page individually will give your site more authenticity as well.

Customize Your URLs

Search engines also look for keywords in URLs, so it’s important to customize the URL for each one of your web pages. Your URLs should be as short as possible and should contain keywords that are relevant to the content on that particular page. This will help search engines deliver these pages as results for the most relevant searches. Additionally, this can help you avoid very long URLs that can adversely affect how other sites backlink to you.

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These tips can get you started in marketing your site with the latest SEO trends. Even after you begin seeing results, keep in mind that SEO rules are constantly changing, depending on how Google and other search engines modify their algorithms. This makes it necessary to stay updated on changes as they occur. If you see a sudden drop in web traffic, that may be a hint that something has changed. In this case, it may be time to research these tips again to determine if these practices are still effective.

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